Saturday, August 12, 2006


It's a messed up world.

A guy just got stabbed at the end of my street, about a hundred yards from our house. The police are here in numbers looking for the assailent. The neighbors are all up, and one loaned us an extra scanner. The victim just got on a lifeflight to Columbus, either Riverside, or the OSU Medical Center. No word on condition.

I have my two kids here, four nephews and a niece doing a sleep over, they're all in bed, safe. But I won't be sleeping tonight. I have to much of a police background to take chances, and desperate men do stupid things. So I'll stay up till I'm sure he's long gone.

How do I tell this to the kids without scaring them in the morning? Caution yes, but, you know, I wouldn't want them to be afraid to play in the yard..

better make coffee.


First the UN, now this.

Is the IRC helping combatants? It appears they are, but only on one side.

Red Cross workers helped wounded Hezbollah fighters on a makeshift bridge at the Litani River in Lebanon on Wednesday.

One covered his face with his T-shirt, in the style of a movie star avoiding paparazzi. Another, in a neck brace, put on sunglasses. Three emergency workers told journalists not to take pictures.

“No pictures,” said a fighter, hobbling on crutches with a white bandage on his left foot.

I can see why they wouldn't want this known. It's in direct violation of the Red Cross's charter, they aren't supposed to act as medics to one side in a conflict, let alone, a terrorist group. It's painfully clear, the so called international aid group is just another cover for arab terrorists. I don't know if the international leadership knows this is going on, but I would find any denials rather hollow. NewsBusters provided the link.


It seems to have hit a nerve.

Press coverage of the fake pictures scandal.

Some claim that the online controversy over the photos has gotten out of hand, with many blogs now launching investigations and hurling accusations at a variety of news sources.
"These accusations can be very damning, and need to be handled with care and not thrown out by any angry blogger," said one anonymous poster on Little Green Footballs.

They have got to hate this, being caught out by online Columbo's. Very few are experts in journalism, but the are in computers, and getting the expert advice they need isn't hard. The thing is, that for once, the world's media, press, is being held up to a bright light and studied hard. The result, is that, how long, have they all been jerking us around?

At least on issues where a definite political bias matters, being pro-hezzbolah is important when you claim to be reporting facts. Something they thought we'd never find out. The information age, may be the death of journalism, as it's been practised till now.


Wednesday, August 09, 2006


dancing in the graveyard

The democrats have just declared a civil war on moderation and reason within their own party.

I hope Jews still clinging to their Democrat Party affiliation are looking and listening - and rethinking their affiliation. After all, the majority of Dems think the USA should be neutral in dealings between Hizb'allah - (which until 9/11 had murdered more Americans than any other terrorist organization in the world, and which is a fanatical Islamofascist terrorist group - and Israel, (a staunch ally and a pluralistic democracy).

This is amoral, if not NUTS! Favoring neutrality toward any group of jihadomaniacs is at the very least appeasement. And I would argue it is anti-Semitic at its core - after all, Sheehan has repeatedly argued that her son "Casey died for Israel." The Democrats who, like her, blame Israel, the neocons, the Likud - and/or "the Israel Lobby" - are the very same Democrats who comprise the netroots groups, and powered the Lamont victory.It is time for most Jews to vote GOP. The Dems don't trust you, or like Israel.

Israel has friends, just not in the democrat party.

from instapundit.

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