Saturday, August 05, 2006


weapon vs. armor, age old quest

I found this article on Drudge, while alarming at first, you need to consider a few things with it. Our Tanks operated in downtown Baghdad, and survived swarms of missiles, even Milan's and the newer Russian types. One A1 Abrams, was documented to have been hit by 8 different missiles of various sizes. The crew compartment was never breached, and the tank never lost power, remaining with the column through the advance.

This first hand account shows what I mean. The Israeli's, like us, aren't ready to wet their pants like the first article implies. Israel in the 73 War lost a large number of tanks to Russian made Sagger missiles that the Egyptians had. They still fought them off, and still held their ground. Missile crews are a danger to tanks, but they aren't an invincible threat. We have already proven that in Iraq, well trained crews always have an advantage over infantry. The hezzy's might be well equiped, but how good is their training and doctrine?

Not good enough certainly.

They have a single facet of one component of land warfare. Hooray for them, they still have to survive hostile air cover from fighters and gunships, still have to stay hidden until they can reach the Israeli's at short range, and they have to survive retaliation, once the Israeli's know where they are. In short they have to shoot and scoot. Not so easy when air cover is close and handy. They have to get a clean solid hit on the weaker parts of the tank, also, not easy. A wire guided missile has to be held on it's target till it hits. At two thousand yards, that's really tough when they pop smoke or fire on your position, you can't sight when you're ducking fire.

Basically, it's not as bad as the retired consultants make it out to be. A danger yes, something that needs our attention to stop, but hardly the end of Israel's armored forces. They have fought against missiles before. They have learned how to do it. As we have. So I suggest, that the author of the first article, needs to calm down a little.


Brave Boys..

Sherman was often qouted as saying "War is Hell", certainly it is, and I've read numerous accounts of the terror you feel. This article is little different. These lads could just as easily be from Detoit or Cleveland. The training we all got prepares you with knowledge on how to fight, not on being fearless. There is no such thing, all soldiers are afraid in combat, all of them. The only profession where even if you do everything correctly, you can still die in the randomness of bombs and bullets. Die terribly, your body ripped apart, either to bleed out, our have your organs fail from the trama.

It's the training and spirit that decides wether you win or not. These kids did well, and no one can say they haven't earned their country's pride. They have fought well.


what a freak....

Ted Rall, master of hatred and distortion, did this in July of 04, this is the first I've seen it. I found it via NewsBusters,... Well it's nice to know he likes torture, murder and re-education camps, if I didn't already know he was a communist, I could certainly have guessed it from this. He's all about liberty, if you're a LEFTwingnut. All about freedom, if you drink his koolaid, and all about justice, if you're into executions for political thought.

If you believe this is funny, you're an irredeemable asshole.

If you like his humor, you're depraved, and if you share his goals, go fuck yourself. There is much made about being too vulgar these days, as if that erased your point. Well, I'm a product of my class, and I don't apologise for calling a shit eating freak, exactly that. He's a freak, who can't manage to either draw well, or have an opinion to the right of Stalin. If there were real justice, Rall would stick a shotgun in his mouth today and end his worthless existence.

Oh, I'm not supposed to suggest such a thing?

When he advocates torture, indoctrination and brutal murder, for having a different opinion? My saying he should kill himself, that's over the line?

so tell me, what does hypocrisy taste like?

Friday, August 04, 2006


Pallywood, fiction on demand

This is what you can expect from them. This one, is disturbing, can anyone here think, Hitler Youth? Oh, did you know Israel bombed the Towers? Neither did I, but this Egyptian shithead thinks so, so I guess that makes it real to them. This one, just makes you whince, it's on the arab TV broadcasts, so much for the religion of peace.

This is what they see, what they make, this is what they wish to believe.




Monday, July 31, 2006


truth and consequences

Drudge, images smuggled out of Heezbollah's controled areas.

So much for the truthfullness of Hezzbollah. But then, only a fool believes a butcher.

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