Saturday, July 29, 2006


Drudge, and celebrity hubris

Drudge led me to this, and frankly, I'm deeply disappointed in Mr. Gibson.

Among the allegations within's four pages, Gibson "angrily stated" that "'My life is fucked'" and "became fixated on his notoriety and concern that the incident was going to be publicized." The celebrity became "belligerent' and "threatened" the deputy, saying "'I'm going to fuck you. You're going to regret you ever did this to me.'" Then, Gibson "blurted out a barrage of anti-Semitic remarks about 'Fucking Jews.' Yelled out 'The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.' Then asked, 'Are you a Jew.' Conduct concerned and frightened me to a point. I called ahead to the station requesting a sergeant meet the arrival of my patrol car in the station parking lot..."

He can blame the booze, but it can't make you say what's not in you already. I liked him, really liked enjoyed his work. But after this, I'm not sure what to say about him except this. He get's one chance, one, to get his stuff together. Go and get educated, and deeply apologize to the people he has offended. He should not pay lip service, but actually do something. Israel could use some help right now, he could donate to those who need it, orphans of the men in the IDF, he could do something for them.

he has to atone for this. If a lot of us will ever forgive him.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


a visual aid....

Israel is being condemned for deliberately shooting at ambulances, and the UN posts. The top image, clearly shows a UN ambulance being used by hamas, the next Hezzbollah positions being shared by the UN. The third was an ambulance packed as a car bomb, captured before it could reach it's target. The fourth, and we aren't supposed to think they aren't the new Nazi's?

The evidence is there, the arabs have again and again, and again violated every boundry of decency, and too often, with the UN forces actively helping hamas and hezzbollah. And we are supposed to condemn Israel?

How about the hamas and hezzbollah dirtbags breaking every rule of civilized warfare? How about the UN letting it's "peacekeepers" actively support the arab side? Ask Kofi about this...

Where is the world wide outrage over this?

The rules don't mean shit to Israel's enemies, and apparently, to the UN. Only when it's Israel do they get all incensed about something as trivial as the rules. Contempt doesn't begin to cover my opinion of this. Europe, and the arab world needs to start explaining how they ignore this, THEN, I'll listen to complaints from them, till then, they can STFU.


The UK really is becoming just another sob sister.

OK, now they're just being stupid.

SNP defence spokesman Angus Robertson urged ministers to intervene to prevent Scottish involvement in the conflict.
"The UK government must get behind the United Nations' call for a ceasefire by both Hezbollah and Israel, rather than using Scotland as a staging post for supplying weapons of mass destruction," he said.

A laser guided 5000lb. bomb is not a WMD, not by any stretch of the imagination. It's a bunker buster type, and to compare it to a nuke or chemical warhead speaks volumes about the ignorance and stupidty of dear Angus. And he's a defense spokeman?

He is talking smack here, trying to inflame public opinion with a bald faced lie. If he's really an expert, then he knows it just more nonsense aimed at cutting off the Israel resupply. The UK has always sided against Israel, always parroted the arab line, their history of anti-semitism isn't as well known as the French or German kind, but it is very real. They tried to strangle Israel's birth, now as always, they snipe at them from the sidelines.

how noble of them.


Imus,... a jerk, but even he thinks Matthews is loosing it.

Read the transcript,, Chris Matthews has become so unhinged by a case of Hate Bush Syndrom that he's become a rambling train wreck without a single coherent thout beyond.... gotta get em, gotta drive him away,.. gotta bay at the moon till Bush go way , make it stop...

fuck him,

I used to respect him, but this is just embarassing, You can't be a rancher? and president? or think? if you're a RANCHER?. This is irrational, and just plain crazy. Matthews used to be able to talk without speaking in entire paragraghs rambling into utter nonsense. He needs help, and a long vacation to a blue state where he can stay away from the merest glimpse of a NEOCON!!!!!

Instapundit, .

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