Friday, July 21, 2006


When a palistinian says one thing to us

And another to everyone else. Notice something strange about the map of palistine on this assholes scarf?

Yep, Israel's not in it. And from the smirk, we needn't try to hard to guess why. It's not an aboration, none of the maps Palistinians use contain Israel, now why do you suppose that is? Think it's about occupation, or about the west bank?

no, it isn't. It's about planned genocide and the ones who try to cover it up.

sleep well when you blame Israel for all the trouble, while you can, because if they win this one, how long before they want what you have?

pleasant dreams, sucker.


just because.....

Huggs and kisses conni.......

icky old hezzy boo lah go squish......



them or us, it is more satisfying when it's our hammer though. Unlike conni, I don't want to kill all the other side, just the ones with the guns, the bombs, and the money.

any whooo.

I knew this would annoy him, and he knows what a jingoistic hedgeymoner I am. I'm such a hopeless case, all naughty and stuff. I just can't get around to warming up to muslims who shoot children point blank in the head,,..... I just don't know why conni, but I just can't learn to hate jews and Israel.

guess you'll have to move on... I have wars to monger.



The war of attrition continues. Hezzy is expending it's few actual fighters, and replacing them is going to be difficult. Standing on a street corner and screaming about jews is one thing, picking up a rifle and shooting at men who actually have the audacity, to shoot back, quite another.

For all the bs about arab rage, it's the rage of a teenager not getting the car keys for the weekend. They just lack the skill, and in most cases, the stones to volunteer to fight. Because, if they were all that eager to join up, hezzy wouldn't have to beg for help, they wouldn't need it. Iraq has served one very useful purpose. It's drained away the pool of let me at em fanatics. The majority who ran over to Iraq to fight the infidel are room temperature now..

big time dirt nap.

Recruitment is down, when they have to beg for outside help.


EXILED preacher of hate Omar Bakri has begged the Royal Navy to rescue him from war-torn Beirut.
The Muslim cleric who fled Britain last year, tried to board a ship full of women and children yesterday but was turned away.

Again, Coach nails one.

Call this what you will conni, it's cowardice, trying to sneak out with women and children.... maybe he should have worn a burka?

don't think you're being followed do ya?


naughty naughty

What happens when you go on air to claim islam is the religion of peace? And you get called on it? You get both barrels, because if the muslim world is anything, it's hypocritical, about violence and it's so called peaceful intent.

My friends at Sondrak's, Coach, This is definitely gold star material...

now, if they just could sommon any outrage when their religion is used to justify mass murder, that would be refreshing, and totally out of character for them.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Iran's arms

This is what essentially hit the Israeli ship. A version of the forty year old Russian Silworm missile. It's not all that sophisticated, but reports are now, that the Israeli vessel had it's anti-missile defenses not enabled. They didn't know that Iran had sent these to Lebanon.

It's about what I thought. The early reports that a cessna packed with explosives and remote piloted had hit the ship were just outright goofy. You don't sneak up on a ship with a cessna type aircraft, it wasn't believeable. Now that it appears Iran is using Revolutionary Guards to man certain weapons... well they were bound to try and join the fight on the sly. The missile got in a sucker punch, but any other launches will fail. The silkworm is big, slow, and rather easy to shoot down if you know it's coming.

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