Saturday, June 10, 2006


Well, at least he didn't cry.

Hugh Hewitt publicly spanks a Colorado Law Professor for the sin of both being a hypocrit, and an intolerant ass. Instapundit led me here and I have to say, it's a pretty sorry preformance by Campos.

HH: Very big implication there, as well as that I never disagree with the administration. I mean, that's kind of Ward Churchill-like to make up stuff like that, isn't it?

PC: Well, that's seems a bit hyperbolic.

HH: And so, I'm hyperbolic? Is that to be condemned in the context of your admission of hyperbole?

PC: Well, I was being sarcastic, obviously.

HH: So the left gets to use it, but the center-right doesn't?

PC: No, no I didn't say that. The center-right? Is that what you are, Hugh? On the center-right?

uh huh. So if you're left wing everything's sarcasm, and perfectly fine, but anyone else is guilty of hyperbole? Meaning of course license to just make stuff up, construct strawmen at leisure, but hey hey now..... you on the right had better dot every i and cross every T.

A lot gets said by both sides, and I freely insult those I don't like, but I expect the same in return. The thing about people like Campos is that he expects a double standard. Which is why he ends up looking as badly as he does at the end of this interview. I have to say though, after some of his qouted columns.... Hugh is awfully gentle with him, I mean...

HH: You think war crimes are happening there?

PC: Well, it's a guerilla war, so I think, as I say, I think it's inevitable.

HH: How many?

PC: I have no idea.

yeah,... thought not. You would think a law professor would have a greater appreciation for facts and truth over broad generalization and rethoric. But then, why not paint our guys as all potential if not in actual fact as war criminals when it suits his purpose. All's fair right?

how easy when you don't have to actually prove anything, just say it as if it was just a given. I suppose it is, if you're leftwing. Vets though have a different view, one not very flattering to Campos. Oppurtunistic asshole comes to mind.

but then I'm just one of those primitive unenlightened don't think it's over oil types.

blood is a much better reason.


not playing politics? oh no, not him....

Murtha has announced that he's aiming to boot a fellow democrat and take the number two party spot in the House. Decorated, he may be, but his new found emphasis on trashing his fellow Marines earns nothing but contempt. Since he's already decided that our troops are in fact guilty of war crimes, that we should just run away, he seems to have turned in his testicles along with his integrity when he aimed his sights on party leadership.

He's selling out his fellow Marines for airtime, he's openly saying we're losing and should run home as fast as we can, then he claims he's only yada yada yada..... sorry, my eyes glaze over at this point. He's also said you wouldn't call him a traitor to his fellow Marines to his face.

Oh no? I wouldn't hesitate to call him what he is, and now, dems are getting a real taste of his back biting firsthand.

"Members really think Jack Murtha has caused a huge disruption. This is a major distraction from what our focus should be. We should be focusing on taking back the House, not leadership ambitions," one Democratic aide said.

yeah, he sat back while others did the actual work, now he wants to claim the head of the table. What a nice guy he is.

Thursday, June 08, 2006


the inmates are restless

cut and run
we are just as bad
we are just as bad II
he never existed, so how could we kill him
a sane voice, soon to be removed I'm sure
driving out anyone who doesen't drink the koolaid
why didn't they like, you know shoot the gun out of his hand?
the moon landings were filmed in california, and little green men are reading your thoughts..
a recognition that they look like moonbats, and middle America doesn't like them much.

someone who I disagree with, but is entirely sane, and right about DU, and no I don't go to the Free Republic forums.

ok, they reverted back to loony toons again
and again
and again
and here they lower themselves to even lower depths than thought possible

no, they really are the enemy when they compare our service people to nazi's.

...followed orders at Belsen and Auschwitz, again at My Lai. The Men on the Ground dropped the bombs and fired the guns that killed 3,000+ innocent Panamanian citizens just so GHWB could bag Noriega. The Men on the Ground mined the harbors of Nicaragua. The Men on the Ground trained Battalion 3-16 to execute the most horrible acts of torture and terror in Honduras and elsewhere. The Men on the Ground oversaw the building of El Aguacate air base, the torture and detention center and staging area for the illegal Contras raiding Nicaragua, the Men on the Ground unleashed the dogs and fecal matter at Abu Graib, committed atrocities and war crimes at Falluja, murdered innocent men, women, and children at Haditha, the Men on the Ground conducted extraordinary rendition of human beings to black prisons where they could be tortured as a means to terrorize insurgent populations from which they were snatched. The Men on the Ground guard 14 year old "terrorists" at Guantanamo. There's so much these Men on the Ground won't do.

davekriss is lying rolling in garbage piece of shit. I'm a vet, and if he said any of that to my face, his ass would be,...


the worst of the DU'ers believe absolutely anything said about our own people without an once of critical thinking, sheep, leftwing braindead drones all humming the same mantra over and over. Idiots like this are why the left will never gain any real power. I don't mean democrats, I mean the down in the mud wildeyed shitheads like this. Any reasonable voice there is quickly driven out. I take huge comfort in the fact that the more rational among them realize just what they look like to the public at large.

fucking crazies.

and just plain stupid some of them.

you know, after drudging through this cesspool, I need a shower. The leftwing hate, the idiocy, the paranoia, the socialist crying, the tinfoil hats and the eternal whining. Fuck them all, the rest of America can sleep happy knowing these blowhards will never gain power. That would require they shut up, and think.

something they haven't done yet.


old testement justice

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi

President Bush commented on the death of al-Zarqawi on Thursday morning in a Rose Garden speech, saying that "this violent man will never murder again."

True enough, yet among the harshest critics of the war, the ones who said you'll never catch zarqawi, are suddenly saying he's meaningless with no importence what so ever. Do you get the feeling that these assholes would say the same thing if it was Bin Laden on a slab?

I think so.

Because it's painfully obvious to even a casual observer that the DU nitwits can't even see a victory as what it is. Does this mean the war in Iraq is over? No, but it does deal a crushing blow to the foriegn terrorists who are now leaderless. It means that the butcher of women and children to promote sectarian violence may now be in the decline as a power vaccum creates fighting within zraq's faction. This is a good thing, as Iraqi reactions clearly show. But the DU crowd just can't admit that they keep moving the goalposts as to what is a victory. Can't admit they're so in hate with all things not leftwing, that it doesn't matter what we do, they'll either blow it off, or do something like this.

In case you haven't noticed, Al Queda is in Iraq now because of the invasion, and now there are hundreds of Zarqawis. But then again, you are stupid and have nothing to lose in this war except for your false pride.On edit: He has nothing to really do with Al Queda. Although the propaganda wants you to think and say it does.pssssst: Where is Bin Laden? Not in Iraq...


the Guardian, leading leftwing paper in Britain,

The death of Abu Musab al Zarqawi, the self-styled leader of Al Qaida in Mesopotamia, offers a new chance to adjust to reality. His killing has been greeted by relief and delight by many Iraqis.
His ultra-radicalism earned him rebukes from within Al Qaeda itself. Ayman al-Zawahiri, its deputy leader, wrote him a letter last summer, warning him of the risk of losing popular support, questioning the wisdom of attacks on ordinary Shia, and denouncing the videos of hostage-beheadings. Although the letter's authenticity has not been proved beyond doubt, its message sounded plausible

these asshats are so commited to saying no, no no, that they can't even believe something that even the Guardian accepts as fact. So it doesn't much matter what happens, these guys never change, never pull their head out of their ass long enough to see that maybe, they can't even get their facts right. Hopeless, utterly hopeless.

It's sad that within minutes of announcing Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's death, the network morning shows were already carrying criticism of the Bush administration. Not only did NBC invite Sen. Joe Biden to attack Bush incompetence (funny day for that!), ABC's Bill Weir reminded the audience that Zarqawi beheaded American Nicholas Berg, and then replayed Berg's left-wing dad saying at the time that he had no desire for his son's killers to be killed. Weir then reported that he spoke to Berg's father this morning, and he condemned the Zarqawi killing as part of an endless cycle of retribution.

sanity, however carries on. and on. The big time bloggers have really nailed this.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


from an old cold war enlisted vet

Hang him by his nuts.

In a rare case of officer dissent, a Fort Lewis Army lieutenant has refused orders to head out to Iraq this month to lead troops in what he believes is an illegal war of occupation.

after reading this, I'm just going to say that any vet knows his comments are flat out wrong. It is NOT the job of every soldier to do this.

"It is the duty, the obligation of every soldier, and specifically the officers, to evaluate the legality, the truth behind every order — including the order to go to war

It is your duty to obey all "lawful" orders, period. The Congress gave premission before it started, the president issued the orders through the chain of command, no where, not once is any order to report for duty in a war zone illegal. When "illegal" is an opinion, not a fact of law. He can disagree with the war from now till Hell freezes over, but "illegal" is just his open, and that isn't a reason to desert his duty. By that definition, any order given me while Jimmy shithead Carter was president, I could just ignore, since my opinion of him was so low. That's how it works, right?

This is bullshit, it's pretty obvious this was a plant. An activist enlisting after the war started, just to pull this routine, get his fifteen minutes of fame, do time, write book, collect million dollars and go home. He should be shot. I never would have dreamed of fragging an officier, but one like this might just catch a round in the knee to go home early. He's playing games with something far greater than a cockroach like him. Unit discipline is an iron clad neccessity, no one should or would be allowed to fuck it up for a temporary political gain. He's planned this, and if it's proved he did, in colusion with others, then he deserves the full weight of the hammer.

This is no patriot who suddenly realized a truth, he's a conman playing at treason.

fuck him, and all who support him.

real soldiers are serving, they deserve better than this spineless pussy to speak for them.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Allright, I'll say it. She's a slime dripping dunce.

you know there's a word that rythms with hunt running in my head right now.

It's clear that Tony and I have a very different definition of "almost immaculate propriety" -- assuming, that is, we both read the same jaw-dropping accounts of drugged up, hallucinating, and stressed out U.S. troops, "killing the wrong people all the time..."

and of course the sources for this bullshit are... conscientious objectors. Who of course would have no reason to lie right? They only want to go home as fast as their little rabbit feet can take them. So if everything is runing smoothly there might be a tougher time convincing everyone that they just can't stand it anymore. That they might, you know, be cowards, and not just victims of conscience.

Nope, no motive to lie now is there?

Arianna, must have not read this part.

The accounts of Hicks and some other vets returning as C.O.s or with disabilities are obviously tinged with bitterness and may be exaggerated.

no shit.

the story itself says these stories only come from "some" of the CO's questioned, not all. It say's that the Marines have a "killing is fun mentality", well ya know what? That's what they do, when I took my M60 specialist course that was our chant. And I was in the Air Force, trained by rangers. Men who are trained to KILL, often make black humor, often swagger with words, that doesn't mean they toss grenades into living rooms by extension.

I found this at Don't Go Into The Light, via Blackfive.

LB's post about covers it.

Arianna hits bottom and digs yesterday as she shows her utter contempt for the troops and advises Democrats to sell out our military for political gain as "drugged up, hallucinating, and stressed out" killers for whom Haditha is an everyday occurance.

Arianna has the principles of a goat. she was a buffoon as a republican and I was greatful when she jumped ship. We didn't need her brand of politics.



I'm not sure that I can do this subject the justice it deserves, so many have expressed the gratitude of our nation far better than my humble efforts will. Blackfive speaks from the prospective of a combat vet, an experience that deserves our full attention. My service time was lucky, the end of the cold war was seven years away when I was discharged, and while I can't say my service period was entirely safe, it was most emphatically not combat. So that said let me just again say how much I respect vet's like Blackfive.

I just wanted to say, that images like this express's all that needs to be known about us here in America. Christian, Jew, nonreligious, and the whole range of beliefs held by our men and women are represented here. There is no distinction by faith, by race, by all the small walls that seperate us. This is a brotherhood, but not of death. It's a brotherhood that celerbrates life, for so many of these young men died fighting not for medals, not for glory, but for each other, and for us, the generations that weren't yet born. It's a celerbration of our common dream, the dream all real Americans share.

To give your children a better life than you have. To make them better, to love them in peace, in a world where death camps and depravities are but a passing nightmare pushed away by the morning sun. That's really all any of us want, a safe, a peaceful world for our children. The sadness is in the sacrifcies made by dedicated young men like these. Our world for all of it's problems is as safe and secure as any nation's. But only because of men like this, and if we fail to remember their sacrifice, then shame on us all.

This day is their's when their story is told.

we owe them so much more.

Monday, June 05, 2006


The left crushing dissent? gee,...what a surprise.

You'll often hear the left lecture about the importance of dissent in a free society.
Why not give it a whirl?
Start by challenging global warming hysteria next time you're at a LoDo cocktail party and see what happens.

online, I've seen people called fascist, braindead, brainwashed, stupid, bought off, ignorant, blind, and dogmatic deniers of the truth. It would seem that, either they don't know that they've been used, or it's just in their nature to bully and insult when they can't convince. A chorus of diversity, all with exactly the same opinion,...

or else.

Drudge found it, and I have to say that with Gore the bore's traveling dog and pony show painting anyone who disagrees as a planet killer, it's rather timely. So then, if you're progressive, why is debate on this forbidden? Why all the fear over a little open debate? Not afraid you don't have science on your side are you?

guess so.


God, someone's spreading lies about you again.

"We were exercising our First Amendment rights," she said.

Members of Westboro say the military deaths in Iraq are God's punishment for America's tolerance of gays. They typically carry signs with slogans such as "God Hates Fags" and "Thank God for IEDs," a reference to the roadside bombs used by insurgents.

I'm somewhat religious, much more so than just about anyone I know online, and I can say without any fear of eternal damnation that these idiots are scum. I don't care what christian faith you belong to, there is no passage that says thou shalt revel in death, thou shalt take glee in tragedy, thou shalt torment grieving loved ones, and thou shalt wallow in filth. My faith tells me a simple thing,

God does not kill innocents to punish the wicked.

I know that we'll always wonder about the nature and wisdom of events, why do so many innocents die? Why do bad people live on? I'm not privy to God's thoughts, and I can say with absolute certainty, these morons aren't either. I don't believe God hates anyone, not when he offers salvation for a pentitive heart. Redemption is forgiveness, and if you read the bible and don't just cherry pick certain passages, you would see that God is about forgiveness, not revenge. If indeed God will punish sinners then it's plainly stated that he will do it himself, on the final day of judgement. He won't send terrorists to do it for him. Nor will he tell mental retards to party on their graves.

It's a special brand of beast to behave like this at a hero's funeral. I refuse, catogorically refuse to believe God snuffed out that boy's life because we don't stone gay people. I spit on the faith of anyone who would believe such a thing. A real christian doesn't glory in others sins, and they don't preen and prance in a public display of their pleasure in anothers death. A real christian weeps for all the innocents lost, sinners or not. God's judgement is the only one that counts and this little congregation's open wallowing in others pain and dispair would certainly earn his wrath. Their's is a false faith, one steeped in hate, in centuries past, it would have them burning witches. Burning old women for the sin of being old and alone, for being unpopular or distant. They don't speak for christians when they do these things, they speak for the dark hateful bigotry in their stunted little hearts.

If a comet slammed into their house of the stupid and wiped them all out. I would not take any pleasure in it. Because then it would be their turn to answer for their sins, pride, hubris, cruelty and sadism.

They can stand before God, and try, to explain why they were so hateful and cruel to people who had done them no harm. Try to justify their pleasure in others pain, try and tell Jesus that they were just doing his work. I'd bet the express elevator to Hell would be a quick ride.

The bible warns to beware those that claim to speak for God, I guess they must have missed that part.



let's try this again

Sully's comments are beneath contempt,

The United States is a rogue nation that practices torture and detainee abuse and does not follow the most basic principles of the Geneva Conventions. It is inviolation of human rights agreements and the U.N. Convention against torture. It is legitimizing torture by every disgusting regime on the planet. This is a policy mandated by the president and his closest advisers. This is the signal being sent from the commander-in-chief to his troops: your enemy can be treated beyond the boundaries of what the U.S. has always abided by. When you next read of an atrocity of war-crime or victim of torture by the U.S., just keep in mind who made this possible. Keep your eyes not just on the troops but on the people giving them the orders. My column on Bush's responsibility can be read here.

Sondrak's post is well taken, and here is what's at issue. Article three of the Geneva Convention, here's the part Sully doesn't bother to mention.

2. Members of other militias and members of other volunteer corps, including those of organized resistance movements, belonging to a Party to the conflict and operating in or outside their own territory, even if this territory is occupied, provided that such militias or volunteer corps, including such organized resistance movements, fulfil the following conditions:

(a) That of being commanded by a person responsible for his subordinates;
(b) That of having a fixed distinctive sign recognizable at a distance;
(c) That of carrying arms openly;
(d) That of conducting their operations in accordance with the laws and customs of war.

The detainee's have failed to meet this critiria in at least three and usually all four circumstances, there by barring themselves from POW status. I'm no lawyer, but I'll tell you what Sully's lawyer friends won't, they don't have a leg to stand on with this. By Sully's own words Bush has done this,

The Pentagon tried to satisfy some of the military lawyers' concerns by including some protections of Article 3 in the new policy, most notably a ban on inhumane treatment, but refused to embrace the actual Geneva standard in the directive it planned to issue.

The JAG corp is aghast over this? Possible some are, but we only have Sully's word on that so I'll reserve the right to wait for a better source, one not already foaming at the mouth as to the truth of that. The fact is that we are providing chaplins, food, shelter, educational and entertainment facilities for these vermin. We abide by every standard but one, that they have no claim to POW status. Convictions of offenders of the stated policy aren't enough, re-enforced ethics training isn't enough, quite sincerely nothing we do in any circumstance will ever be enough for the shitbirds in sully's camp.

He's made up his mind that each and every soldier is automatically guilty because they serve under the dark sith lord George W.

and I've had it, just had it with this horseshit.

This is the signal being sent from the commander-in-chief to his troops: your enemy can be treated beyond the boundaries of what the U.S. has always abided by.

the implication is there, guilty by association. I was an SP, Air Force Security Police ground combat specialist, I had the training on ethic's the lectures on what was, and was not permissable. As does every soldier, sailor, and airman handed a weapon, even today. They know where the line is, and those that go too far get punished, which he would notice if his nose wasn't stuck up his own ass.

War is the messiest, ugliest of human events, and we have been torturously, (pun intended), careful to stay in bounds as much as humanly possible. Sully's diatribe is the ugliest example of gross distortion I've seen yet. He neither understands what combat envolves nor what kind of man it takes to be a warrior. The warriors who serve our nation now, are the best of the best, and I would put the integrity of any Marine up against his any day of the week.

Put a weapon in his hands, and let him make the decisions of life and death, to decide if pressing a prisoner for intell will determine wether other people will die, or not. Let him have to suffer the guilt over missing a chance to have saved a dozen lives or more because he was just to sure that he had to dot every i to protect the rights of a butcher.

then let him ewxplain to the families of the slain, that he had to protect his higher principles over the lives of their sons and daughters.

let him do that.

and we'll see if he decides that maybe he's been talking out of his ass. I doubt he would care though, he's a lost cause. I just hate to see his words being used in the arab press as an excuse, and that's exactly what he's given them.

Sunday, June 04, 2006


Sean, you're boring me son.

After checking out this post at the good lady Sondrak's, I found this. I intended to fisk it, but good lord the sheer size and dullness of his tale is staggering. It's selfindulgent, badly written, and so full of slap the forehead moments that I bet he needed a skin graft. He can't help but blame all the current problems on us though.

British leaders got nowhere when they asked the Truman administration to use the U.S. government's more trusted position in Tehran to help overthrow Mussadiq. But as soon as President Eisenhower took office in early 1953, his foreign-policy team rolled up its spooky sleeves to get the job done. The regal Shah of Iran -- a faithful buddy of British oil executives -- was losing his power struggle with Mussadiq, and in August the Shah abruptly left the country and fled to Rome. The CIA, working as senior partner with Britain's MI6, quickly moved to subvert Iranian democracy.
CIA operative Kermit Roosevelt, a grandson of Theodore Roosevelt, labored feverishly in Tehran to coordinate a coup that brought down Mussadiq in August 1953 and quickly restored the Shah to the throne. Western oil companies were back in charge of Iran's oil, and the Shah initiated what turned out to be a quarter-century of political repression, torture, and killing.

It's all the evil republicans again. and of course FDR didn't put thugs in charge of Latin America, like Somosa, oh wait, that's right,

he did.

A lot of things are left out too, like the fact that our interest was in keeping the decidedly leftwing Mussadiq from handing the Soviets another client state. We won't mention that though will we Sean, it might muddy up the blood for oil bullshit you're so fond of. It's also clear that he thinks that all the repression, hate and murder the mullahs unleash, that's our fault too. It's our lust for oil that makes them hate Jews,.."oh wait, don't think it though, just believe me on that part."

This reprehensible act of the United States left a deep scar on the minds of Iranians, implanting most of them with abiding animosity toward America."

but in Sean's own words, earlier in the piece.

However, there are many smiles. There was laughter and very warm feelings in the eyes that fell on this American visitor.

They hate us, in his eyes with abundant justification, so much so that they greet American visiters warmly..

is it just me, or did he just shoot a hole in his own argument?

a deep thinker the surfer dude is not. In fact, I doubt he ever harboured an original thought at any point in his life.

You need hip waders to get through this abortion of an essay. He's long winded on minor points, and skips quickly in chopped sentences during points of some interest. He's a poor writer at best, and the me, me, it's all about me is as thick as tar.

I'd fisk it, but he does that himself.


Abject lesson in dirty politics, democrat style

Drudge pointed to this,

If an election can turn on a sentence, this could be the one: “You don't need papers for voting.”
On Thursday night, Francine Busby, the Democratic candidate for the 50th Congressional District, was speaking before a largely Latino crowd in Escondido when she uttered those words. She said yesterday she simply misspoke.

Oh please, democrats have historically engaged in the most blantant vote stealing, vote buying, and outright voter fraud. They have done it with a wink and a smile knowing that it'll never get the same airtime that it would if a republican did it. Just mention Daley in Chicago and watch them smirk. They've been caught padding the roles with dead people, inmates and illegals, and when this small potatoes dem gets caught on tape,....

no no, I just mispoke, it's really the evil republicans who are to blame..


She can wiggle and squirm, but the fact is she's just put on tape what everyone already knew, but wouldn't talk about. Dems are good at voter fraud. Very polished, very expert at twisting and perverting democracy. Why moderate your platform to appeal to more people when you can just pad the roles with fraudulent votes to win?

How many voters will see this and say no way in Hell should these slease bags get Congress back? Enough, as I'm willing to bet. This little missy may just have sealed the fate of the DNC in 2006. So I'm not surprised she's claiming to have miss stated, as she's going to feel awfully heavy on the necks of fellow democrats this year.

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