Thursday, May 25, 2006


Lifting photo's

Instapundit linked to Blackfive on the issue of a stolen photograph. I know that using copyrighted material without premission to make money is illegal, but I have a question. If you copy it to your hard drive just to keep it for yourself, or if you post it in a blog for no profit, is that allowed? I'm not as web savy as most people and I wouldn't want to take something that would amount to theft. Is it ok to use pictures you find on the web if you aren't making money on it?

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


At long last,... have you no shame?

I do believe a comparison that could be made here is McCarthyism. You have a coalition of anti-war groups of varying lunacy, one bonifide commie group, and buckets of wild rumors and accusations without any proof at all. If you dare to mention this, then you're just Bushitler nazi's out to suppress the truth!

The more intelligent crazies are backpedalling like Hell away from this little turd. I'm a vet too, and while I was late to catch this, having not been online much in the last two days, I can tell you for a certainty....

The worst thing you can do in the eyes of a veteran is to lie about serving, and lie about the men and women who did serve. This little cockroach is beneath the level of dogshit, period. A self proclaimed communist who can't get his faked evidence (pictures), or his story straight. And the conspiracy loving little lefty brownshirts at DU just ate it with a spoon. He said he killed children on direct order, and of course it had to be true, for them it was just too juicy to resist. Like rancid meat in front of a rat, they just ran with it.

The response at military blogs was instant.

and totally leathal.

This is worse than merely criminal, it was a crime commited against the whole of our armed services. The new McCarthyism of the left is to just dismiss all this as Rovian forces successfully squashing another truth about our people in Iraq. If you doubt shitheads story, then you're just as bad as our murdering troops. The people at DU and assorted dens of the stupid should feel deeply, totally ashamed, but they don't, in fact not at all. I tried to find the thread at DU where they praise him, but it seems to have vanished,

not covering their tracks are they?

I don't hate them like they hate us though, they're too pitiful to really hate. All that rage, and not a single clue.

Monday, May 22, 2006


from ashes to victory.

This is the kind of story, that can bring tears to the eyes, and warmth to the heart.

A] ship has begun to rise from the ashes of the September 11 terrorist attacks. Bringing together America’s two great calamities of the 21st century, the USS New York is being built in New Orleans with 24 tonnes of steel taken from the collapsed World Trade Centre.

[T]he girders taken from Ground Zero have been treated with a reverence usually accorded to religious relics. After a brief ceremony in 2003, about seven tonnes of steel were melted down and poured into a cast to make the bow section of the ship’s hull.
Some shipworkers say the hairs stood up on the backs of their necks the first time they touched it. Others have postponed their retirement so they can be part of the project.
One worker, Tony Quaglino, said: “I was going to go in October 2004 after 40 years here, but I put it off when I found out I could be working on New York. This is sacred and it makes me very proud.”

I have no doubts, none at all that the USS New York will bring Honor, and glory to the United States, the US Navy, and the proud crew that will sail this fast ship into harm's way. Faith in the goodness and honor of your countrymen, reverence for the sacrifices made, and the ones yet to come.

May God Bless the USS New York and it's faithful crew. May this nation always be worthy of her, and the history she carries in her steel. Ships all have a certain magic in them, ships of war all the more so. Ships like her carry not only the weight of a great tradition, but the ghosts of a great wrong in need of righting. She will bring her crew and her Marines home again, she has a debt to repay. She already makes us proud.

May we never forget,

never forget..


Sacrifices unmade, or merely not seen by the arrogant?

A letter written by two theology professors, and signed by more than 10 percent of the faculty, kicked off the opposition to Rice.

unspoken, that means nearly 90% had no problem with it. Since they felt no desire to sign the letter.

"On the levels of both moral principle and practical moral judgment, Secretary Rice's approach to international affairs is in fundamental conflict with Boston College's commitment to the values of the Catholic and Jesuit traditions and is inconsistent with the humanistic values that inspire the university's work," the letter said.

The Rev. David Hollenbach, one of the letter writers, has said he has no objection to Rice speaking, but said she doesn't deserve an honorary degree.
Steve Almond, an adjunct writing professor, resigned from his post over the matter.

"I think Americans have lost sight of the idea of sacrifice," he said. "This is a relatively small sacrifice for me."


Steve, you're blind. Sacrifices are being made all around you, by men and women wearing your nations uniform, by volunteers doing aid work in the world, and by simple working class people killing themselves to put food on the table for their children. Sacrifice! You have no flippin idea, not one about what that truely means.

Try dodging bullets and shrapnel,
try enforcing the laws behind a badge,
try caring for patients who's bodies are rent and ravaged,
try working yourself to death on low wages and high costs,
try working while in pain enough to make most men cry like a baby,
try living outside your academic bubble
try seeing what pain, what true sacrifice really is,
try getting a clue, then try getting some glasses.

Americans know what sacrifice is Steve, it's you and your friends who have forgotten.


Personal Data of 26.5M Veterans Stolen


The material represents personal data of all living veterans who served and have been discharged since 1976, according to the department. The information was included in the veterans' discharge summary that goes into a government database.

One would hope that seeing no intrensic value to it, that the thieves would simply destroy the discs, and move on. If however this info falls into the hands of a lefty hacker, or worse,...

Remember when an enemy was someone who came at you face to face?


Martyr? don't you have to like actually die for that label?

The Dixie Chicks aren't doing well? The post on Hot Air is rather damning.

“I’d rather have a small following of really cool people who get it, who will grow with us as we grow and are fans for life, than people that have us in their five-disc changer with Reba McEntire and Toby Keith,” Maguire said. “We don’t want those kinds of fans. They limit what you can do.”

"Those kinds of fans"?

If you piss off and alienate two thirds of your fan base, then say that they aren't worthy of you... How can you then bitch because your rants on silicon aren't selling? Maines can say whatever she likes, there is no Constitutional right however to force people to pay you to do it. That's like you know, freedom of choice. I that the left was supposed to like giving people choices...?

Aparently not if you aren't putting money in their pockets.

Maines, doesn't like the idea that she might have a fan who also listens to Toby Keith? If I were Toby, I'd be laughing at her pretty hard right now. She made this bed, now she can sleep in it.


LOTR stuff

A fun place to get images from the Lord of the Rings movies.

Sunday, May 21, 2006


Non, say it aint so...

French are rudest, most boring people on earth: British poll

A decisive 46 percent of the 6,000 people surveyed by travellers' website Where Are You Now (WAYN) said the French were the most unfriendly nation people on the planet, British newspapers reported.

The Germans have no to reason to celebrate the damning verdict. They came second on all three counts.

Far be it from me to defend the French, but since only Brits were polled it's hardly a fair sampling. I do find it highly amusing though. As to this part,

Italy was voted the world's most cultured nation with the best cuisine, while the United States was named the most unstylish with the worst food.

This from Brits? The people who think fish and chips are high cuisine? I've seen British food, and they can keep it. It's also odd, since in virtually any town of size in the US, you can find any national cuisine that you want. If cheeseburgers ain't your thing, you can get Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Thai and French, you just have to look. So that pronouncement is kinda silly. We have the greatest variety and world class resturants, so I'd really be interested in what exactly it is they don't like about our food.

As to unstylish,.... who cares.

It's hardly something we care to change. But if I were French, I'd be really upset at this one.

To add insult to injury, British newspaper The Daily Telegraph put the boot in on Saturday by saying in an editorial that the French stank.
"The French may like to think that Chanel No 5 is their scent but we all know that garlic and stale Gitanes are much more representative."



Uhm, OK then.

A US film featuring actors performing real sex is a "call to arms" against President George W. Bush, the director told journalists at the Cannes film festival.
One scene likely to create controversy in the United States and some other countries shows a gay threesome in which one participant joyfully bellows "The Star Spangled Banner."
The actor with the singing voice, PJ Deboy, said he did the scene to show that he was as American as anyone, despite resistance to gays in parts of the country, including Washington.

Explicit gay sex, and he thinks anyone who disagrees with him might actually ever go see this? A clue to the directer,

he told a media conference, adding that his country was living in "the era of Bush, which is about clamping down, being scared."

How exactly has he been "clamped" down on? And recognizing that the enemies we fight don't talk about stoning gays, they actually do it, is about being "scared"? I'm highly skeptical when anyone uses sexual imagery to make a political point. It makes me think that it's not about real issues, but about an exhibitionist fetish on their part. He gets off on the kink of it, and that's all it's about. The factis, that Bush is the best hope gays have to change things like this....

Eric quotes the Independent Gay Forum on the situation for gays under the Palestinian Authority - a situation that is probably no worse than it is for gays in other Muslim states:

According to Halevi, one young man discovered to be gay was forced by Palestinian Authority police "to stand in sewage water up to his neck, his head covered by a sack filled with feces, and then he was thrown into a dark cell infested with insects." During one interrogation Palestinian police stripped him and forced him to sit on a Coke bottle.

When he was released he fled to Israel. If he were forced to return to Gaza, he said, "The police would kill me."

I guess Bush's climate of fear and repression is just so horrible, that the gay community would rather make oddball films that attack him, than address something as petty as,.. oh,... gay murder in Islamic countries.

I'm glad he knows who his real enemy is.....

sarcasm off;

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