Sunday, November 05, 2006

Via Instapundit, and Austin Bay, I ran into Mr. Hitchen's article on Kerry and his flopped joke.

One thing I already knew is confirmed--there is a very great deal of class resentment in these United States. Another thing I wasn't so sure of is also confirmed--James Webb in Virginia is right to stress the huge rage felt by those of Scots-Irish provenance who feel that they have born the heat and burden of the day in America's wars, and been rewarded with disdain.

Even my most relaxed soldier-correspondent from Iraq itself (a highly educated friend of faultlessly Irish extraction) confessed to a feeling of irritation at the few chances he had to meet Ivy League types in uniform.

Yes there is class distrust, the Ivy League types, aka, liberals, do not usually join up. Disdaining the common values of patriotism and honor. The semi-rural and rural folks who do enlist see what the so called elites think of us, and are hated for it. A return of emotion that they richly deserve. Flyover Americans are just hicks right? Can't read or write and never go online to get various opinions... can't understand nuance or subtle issues..

uh huh,.....

Well yes we can, and that's why democrats who pander to the liberal elite loose all the time. They don't get that insulting the ones who do all the heavy lifting isn't just dumb, it's painful. Time that the democrats dumped the kos-sites and brought back the Lieberman's. Then, they might win once in a while, but not when the common man hating left is in charge.

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