Sunday, November 12, 2006


Maybe they do get it, this time.

The democrats may have won Congress, but not the liberals,

“The problem with Washington,” Ms. McCaskill added, “is you have so many senators who are from bright blue and bright red states; they’re not interested in common ground. They’re interested in making each other look bad.”
These attitudes could lead to tensions with the party’s liberal base in Congress — many of the party’s expected committee chairmen are traditional liberals — and thus occasional headaches over the next two years for the Democratic leaders, Representative Nancy Pelosi and Senator Harry Reid.
But Democratic strategists say both leaders recognize that the new Democratic majority was elected, in large part, from Republican-leaning districts and states. If those new members vote in a purely partisan way, they — and the majority — will quickly be put at risk.

That's about right, the consensus is, win the war, and help the lower middle class. Anything like Pelosi's pre-election jihad against the right, and these new rep's will bolt for the door. They simply have no large base at home to allow them to play that game and survive.

so the country win's, the left get's a reality check right along side the right. Time for moderates to rule for a bit. I've never been a Hastert fan, and I'm sure as Hell not a Pelosi one, so this will be enteresting to watch.

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