Thursday, October 05, 2006



A state appeals court upheld California's ban on gay marriage Thursday, a critical defeat for a movement hungry for a win after similar losses in two other states.

My stand on gay marriage holds, I'm agin it. Look forget the religion the civil rights issues no matter how skewed the application, my reasons are more like this. It just makes my skin crawl that gays want to call their relationships marriage, it just does. It strikes me as an insult to what my wife and I have. It's a slap in the face to regular couples, saying we wanna play too. Well it's an exclusive club reserved for men and women.

If you want the benefits of it, tax breaks, inheritence rules, then just say so. Fine, have it, get the rules changed to recognize domestic unions or something else you could call it, but not marriage. That is not open to debate, never will be. Marriage has suffered assaults from every corner for decades, this is just another front to destroy what institutions have managed to endure from the beginning.

call it what you like, but the majority, well over 70% share that view.

try and force it on us, and watch out for the backlash. You cannot have it, find your own word. I'll grant you that, but not this, not what has bound my family in tradition and blood since we first had names. Marriage is a thing that has endured all other human failings, it will survive this assault too.

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