Sunday, October 15, 2006


when is a democrat especially loathsome?

When they cut and paste for political gain.

In his address, Murphy said that, as an Army captain, he requested combat duty following the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks in 2001. He recalled how he guarded conveys in Iraq while riding in a Humvee without doors. U.S. lawmakers such as House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, a California Democrat, have criticized the Bush administration for not doing more to armor vehicles in the early days of the war.

My, and all those years when the fratboy Willy of the open fly was supposed to be funding the services, buying eqipment don't count then? Equipment takes years to go through the pipeline, something any vet knows, unless like the Captain, former Captain, he's lying his ass off. The equipment in 03 was bought well before that, but we can't blame democrats because????

"I have seen firsthand the right and wrong way to engage in war, and it's clear that President Bush and this Republican Congress have it wrong," he said.

oh, then's it's pure political bullshit then... I'm a democrat, therefore THEY are to blame, he is so patriotic, he wants us to run away from Iraq. An opinion distinctly in the minority among the troops who keep re-enlisting to go back, and the new recruits signing up. You can find quite a few more republican servicemen than democratic ones, but why mention that when it just looks juicy to have a vet slander and libel the GOP and the president.
so... as one vet to another,..

eat shit Murphy, you suck ass.

I'm tired of dime store patriots who put party over country. Idiots like you have splintered and divided us when we need to stay united in this war. But no, you and your party hacks just have to play sleazy with the war don't you? Where is your patriotism now dickhead? Left the Army just in time for a shiney new career in politics did we? Didn't plan that out in advance did we? Maybe thinking, boy I should would be a gosh darn good president someday?

another officer playing career advancement at the expense of the men he was supposed to be taking care of.

typical, and very normal for a democrat.

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