Sunday, October 22, 2006


vile behavior

So, if a republican staffer leaked portions of classifed reports to major newspapers designed to smear the democratic president... should he be prosecuted for violating his oaths and breaking federal law? Is it ever justified to harm national security because you hate a president, like say, Clinton, enough to do it?

should we hold him to account?

if yes, then read this, and if you're a democrat sit down and shut up.

The dems have made intelligence information a game of leaking half truths. Only the bits confirming their views while omitting anothing that disputes them. If you are a democrat, and a good American, you have to condemn this. If not then what is the point? Either you are an American first or you aren't.

As you'll recall, the NYT story quoted the NIE as saying that our military action in Iraq has stirred up more jihadist activity. It conspicuously failed to quote the NIE as saying, as it did, that our withdrawal from Iraq would stir up even more jihadist activity.
If the staffer leaked the NIE to the Times, he could be criminally charged. And, of course, it's outrageous on every level for a staffer to leak classified material for political purposes. Especially a selective leak like this one.

democrats should be ashamed of this.

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