Thursday, October 05, 2006


It's coming, today, tomorrow, next year,...

But it is coming,.

But while Peretz has pointed specifically to Northrop Grumman's Skyguard land-based, air-defense system - also known as the Nautilus - as a possible answer, high-ranking defense officials have told The Jerusalem Post the system would not be chosen.
Some 10 years ago, Israel invested several hundred million dollars in the development of the system with the Hizbullah threat in mind, but the project was ditched after the defense establishment decided it was not suitable for Israel's needs.
Another possible answer to the Katyusha threat is the Vulcan Phalanx cannon, already installed on Navy missile ships and used to intercept incoming anti-ship missiles. Similar to the Skyshield, the Vulcan Phalanx cannon hones in on an incoming missile and shoots dozens of shells in a rapid-fire sequence.

Lasers are still in their infancy as actual weapons. Being used almost exclusively for targeting, their bigger brothers are coming. Building a high energy laser to kill has already been done, it's the targeting and duration of the beam on target that is troublesome. It's coming for the very basic reason that it saves money. Shells may be effective, but costly, lasers only cost the fuel to generaters that run them. Cents per shot, vs. dollars. That if nothing else will drive it.

The future of energy weapons is nearly here.

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