Sunday, October 22, 2006


important bloggers, and then that greewald shithead

I being a nobody blogger watch this with great amusement. Greenwald's a choad, but illustrative of the left that seems to like him. The professor provided the link. Greenwald seems utterly unable to reason with a trace of intelligence. Which doesn't say a lot for the legal profession, if not just for that pinhead Greenwald.

A guy on the left outs gay republicans, but is all about privacy.

This is more shocking than I realized, and we should all be shocked.
Really, until today I hadn't fully understood Gay Demonization To Strengthen Cultural Tribalism, but I think I now know how it works.
It's simple, really. To activate the process, you have only to disagree with Glenn Greenwald.

if you're gay, you must be outed, manacled, dragged to the rack and tortured till you reveal all about rightwing gay hatred. Then they hose you off, and put you in front of the cameras to recite your confession with the bruises still on your face and wrists. Then you must convert to liberal orthydoxy, at which point you are let loose, but watched closely to prevent any heresy's like thinking rightwing......

who's the bigot here when free will is worthless because of who you sleep with?

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