Saturday, August 05, 2006


what a freak....

Ted Rall, master of hatred and distortion, did this in July of 04, this is the first I've seen it. I found it via NewsBusters,... Well it's nice to know he likes torture, murder and re-education camps, if I didn't already know he was a communist, I could certainly have guessed it from this. He's all about liberty, if you're a LEFTwingnut. All about freedom, if you drink his koolaid, and all about justice, if you're into executions for political thought.

If you believe this is funny, you're an irredeemable asshole.

If you like his humor, you're depraved, and if you share his goals, go fuck yourself. There is much made about being too vulgar these days, as if that erased your point. Well, I'm a product of my class, and I don't apologise for calling a shit eating freak, exactly that. He's a freak, who can't manage to either draw well, or have an opinion to the right of Stalin. If there were real justice, Rall would stick a shotgun in his mouth today and end his worthless existence.

Oh, I'm not supposed to suggest such a thing?

When he advocates torture, indoctrination and brutal murder, for having a different opinion? My saying he should kill himself, that's over the line?

so tell me, what does hypocrisy taste like?

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