Sunday, August 13, 2006

Some MSM confirmation of Media whoring itself to Terrorists.

Most of this article's sources, which have provided evidence about misleading photographs from Lebanon, have been compiled by people who support Israel in its war with Hezbollah, as do I. Notwithstanding the media critics, Hezbollah has, in the war for Western public opinion, sometimes succeeded in subverting Western news organizations into organs of its own propaganda. At Qana at least, it appears that the media may have been complicit in the production of controlled, staged images using dead children as props, which were falsely presented to the public as authentic, spontaneous photos of a rescue operation.

He cites chapter and verse, with links to faked, posed, or fraudulently captioned pictures and video. So why is the international and US press allowing itself to be used? Anti-Israel? Or pro-arab? Or something more incideous, a love of the death and destruction, of how it sells, of how it makes them look so heroic in covering it...

a combination maybe.

One thing is certain, the truth of Hezz and it's intentions is being distorted. This truce is little more than a pause, till hezz rearms and starts shooting again. It's a war that Israel and we, should finish. The "international press" be damned. When the new nazi's are allowed to control their own coverage, how the Hell does anyone think this helps?

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