Saturday, August 12, 2006


It's a messed up world.

A guy just got stabbed at the end of my street, about a hundred yards from our house. The police are here in numbers looking for the assailent. The neighbors are all up, and one loaned us an extra scanner. The victim just got on a lifeflight to Columbus, either Riverside, or the OSU Medical Center. No word on condition.

I have my two kids here, four nephews and a niece doing a sleep over, they're all in bed, safe. But I won't be sleeping tonight. I have to much of a police background to take chances, and desperate men do stupid things. So I'll stay up till I'm sure he's long gone.

How do I tell this to the kids without scaring them in the morning? Caution yes, but, you know, I wouldn't want them to be afraid to play in the yard..

better make coffee.

The perpetrator is probably long gone. For that to occur so close to home can be so incredibly unnerving.
Bless you!
As a parent, I, more than likely would not get much sleep either.
Stay safe.
Yeah, he's probably gone, but I won't sleep anyway, can't. I've been a guard dog my whole life, couldn't change now if I wanted to.

My brothers through school, my sister with her cancer, my dad's illness, a military cop, and taking care of so many for so long.

I'm what I am, and don't know how to just let things slip past.
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