Saturday, August 12, 2006


It seems to have hit a nerve.

Press coverage of the fake pictures scandal.

Some claim that the online controversy over the photos has gotten out of hand, with many blogs now launching investigations and hurling accusations at a variety of news sources.
"These accusations can be very damning, and need to be handled with care and not thrown out by any angry blogger," said one anonymous poster on Little Green Footballs.

They have got to hate this, being caught out by online Columbo's. Very few are experts in journalism, but the are in computers, and getting the expert advice they need isn't hard. The thing is, that for once, the world's media, press, is being held up to a bright light and studied hard. The result, is that, how long, have they all been jerking us around?

At least on issues where a definite political bias matters, being pro-hezzbolah is important when you claim to be reporting facts. Something they thought we'd never find out. The information age, may be the death of journalism, as it's been practised till now.


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