Saturday, August 12, 2006


First the UN, now this.

Is the IRC helping combatants? It appears they are, but only on one side.

Red Cross workers helped wounded Hezbollah fighters on a makeshift bridge at the Litani River in Lebanon on Wednesday.

One covered his face with his T-shirt, in the style of a movie star avoiding paparazzi. Another, in a neck brace, put on sunglasses. Three emergency workers told journalists not to take pictures.

“No pictures,” said a fighter, hobbling on crutches with a white bandage on his left foot.

I can see why they wouldn't want this known. It's in direct violation of the Red Cross's charter, they aren't supposed to act as medics to one side in a conflict, let alone, a terrorist group. It's painfully clear, the so called international aid group is just another cover for arab terrorists. I don't know if the international leadership knows this is going on, but I would find any denials rather hollow. NewsBusters provided the link.

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