Wednesday, August 09, 2006


dancing in the graveyard

The democrats have just declared a civil war on moderation and reason within their own party.

I hope Jews still clinging to their Democrat Party affiliation are looking and listening - and rethinking their affiliation. After all, the majority of Dems think the USA should be neutral in dealings between Hizb'allah - (which until 9/11 had murdered more Americans than any other terrorist organization in the world, and which is a fanatical Islamofascist terrorist group - and Israel, (a staunch ally and a pluralistic democracy).

This is amoral, if not NUTS! Favoring neutrality toward any group of jihadomaniacs is at the very least appeasement. And I would argue it is anti-Semitic at its core - after all, Sheehan has repeatedly argued that her son "Casey died for Israel." The Democrats who, like her, blame Israel, the neocons, the Likud - and/or "the Israel Lobby" - are the very same Democrats who comprise the netroots groups, and powered the Lamont victory.It is time for most Jews to vote GOP. The Dems don't trust you, or like Israel.

Israel has friends, just not in the democrat party.

from instapundit.

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