Wednesday, July 26, 2006


a visual aid....

Israel is being condemned for deliberately shooting at ambulances, and the UN posts. The top image, clearly shows a UN ambulance being used by hamas, the next Hezzbollah positions being shared by the UN. The third was an ambulance packed as a car bomb, captured before it could reach it's target. The fourth, and we aren't supposed to think they aren't the new Nazi's?

The evidence is there, the arabs have again and again, and again violated every boundry of decency, and too often, with the UN forces actively helping hamas and hezzbollah. And we are supposed to condemn Israel?

How about the hamas and hezzbollah dirtbags breaking every rule of civilized warfare? How about the UN letting it's "peacekeepers" actively support the arab side? Ask Kofi about this...

Where is the world wide outrage over this?

The rules don't mean shit to Israel's enemies, and apparently, to the UN. Only when it's Israel do they get all incensed about something as trivial as the rules. Contempt doesn't begin to cover my opinion of this. Europe, and the arab world needs to start explaining how they ignore this, THEN, I'll listen to complaints from them, till then, they can STFU.

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