Friday, July 21, 2006



The war of attrition continues. Hezzy is expending it's few actual fighters, and replacing them is going to be difficult. Standing on a street corner and screaming about jews is one thing, picking up a rifle and shooting at men who actually have the audacity, to shoot back, quite another.

For all the bs about arab rage, it's the rage of a teenager not getting the car keys for the weekend. They just lack the skill, and in most cases, the stones to volunteer to fight. Because, if they were all that eager to join up, hezzy wouldn't have to beg for help, they wouldn't need it. Iraq has served one very useful purpose. It's drained away the pool of let me at em fanatics. The majority who ran over to Iraq to fight the infidel are room temperature now..

big time dirt nap.

Recruitment is down, when they have to beg for outside help.

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