Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Iran's arms

This is what essentially hit the Israeli ship. A version of the forty year old Russian Silworm missile. It's not all that sophisticated, but reports are now, that the Israeli vessel had it's anti-missile defenses not enabled. They didn't know that Iran had sent these to Lebanon.

It's about what I thought. The early reports that a cessna packed with explosives and remote piloted had hit the ship were just outright goofy. You don't sneak up on a ship with a cessna type aircraft, it wasn't believeable. Now that it appears Iran is using Revolutionary Guards to man certain weapons... well they were bound to try and join the fight on the sly. The missile got in a sucker punch, but any other launches will fail. The silkworm is big, slow, and rather easy to shoot down if you know it's coming.

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