Friday, July 14, 2006


double standards

Drudge led me here.

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - The Vatican on Friday strongly deplored Israel's strikes on Lebanon, saying they were "an attack" on a sovereign and free nation.

Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Angelo Sodano said Pope Benedict and his aides were very worried that the developments in the Middle East risked degenerating into "a conflict with international repercussions."

"In particular, the Holy See deplores right now the attack on Lebanon, a free and sovereign nation, and assures its closeness to these people who already have suffered so much to defend their independence," he told Vatican Radio.

just one itty bitty little problem with that, the so called sovereign nation allowed attacks on another soveriegn nation from it's soil. Not only allowed them, but actively supported them.

So tell me Cardinal, why not condemn Lebanon's blatant disregard for Israel's sovereignty?

or don't Jews count in your eyes? This is so typical of the Vatican, they always find a way to blame the Jews, always. Their conduct during WW II was disgracefull, and they haven't learned a thing from it. They haven't done anything to help moderate muslim behavior, and now they once again, make excuses for them to kill even more Jews. The moral authority of the church is rather tainted here. Either condemn all the parties or shut up, your bigotry is showing.

Lol@littleGreenFootballs and @ Michelle Malkin. I noticed them on your blogroll. U actually respect such sources, or r they just 4 entertainment? Nice mysterious lookin' site btw.

LGF, is a resource, I use it to find the latest outrage. I never comment there as a hand full of the commenters are too far right for me. Malkin? I'm aware of Matoko's distaste for her, and while she's over the top.. I come from a more conservative blogging background.

I used to listen to Rush Limbaugh, but gave it up because he never corrected any mistakes. His inaccuracies bothered me, not his politics.
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