Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Bad losers, losing badly.

Mexican presidential candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador says he has "irrefutable" video proof of fraud committed by his election rivals.

except for one thing,

The other showed an alleged supporter of Mr Calderon's National Action Party (Pan) apparently stuffing six ballots into a box being used for congressional elections, which were held on the same day as the presidential race.

The Federal Electoral Institute (IFE) said the man was putting some ballots that had been put in the wrong box into the correct box and that this had been witnessed by representatives of all the main parties.


The EU said last week its monitors had found no indication of irregularities.

not exactly rightwingers the EU, are they? This is just tawdry, an attempt to lift a page from the democrats playbook. When it's close, scream fraud, wether there was any or not, wether you can prove it, or not. Make the process suspect, then demand a victory in court that you couldn't get at the ballot box. This isn't how democracy is supposed to work.

When you make losing an election not your own fault, but a heinous crime against you by forces unknown, you set the stage for a disaster. You make sure no election is fair, because no one will believe it. So what happens in 2008? If a democrat wins by a fraction, can we run around screaming thief, thief?

why not?

They set an example that's going to bite them in the future. When fairness doesn't mean fair, but only I get to win, you risk the future of democracy.

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