Tuesday, June 13, 2006


well now, this is new

Truthout.org, the far left alternative news site has in it's employ a certain

Jason Leopold, the Truthout.org reporter who asserted May 13 that Karl Rove had been indicted in the CIA leak case, told the syndicated Ed Schultz radio show that he stands by his original report.

Rawstory is left of the isle too, but surprisingly, I find them a lot more open and intellectually honest, than Truthout. This link shows why I think this. I don't hate the left, only the part of the left that seems to think that all differing opinions aren't wrong, but evil. Anyway, I'll be bookmarking them, since I don't mind a chance to talk to someone who disagrees, and doesn't think that makes me the anti-Christ. But I digress.

JL: Sure. This is a team effort, and I am not the only one working . . . this is an effort by TruthOut . . .

ES: Well, to save their credibility as well, if you don't give your sources, you and the webside may have some tough integrity and credibility issues down the road, don't you think?

JL: Yeah. And we're actually . . . you know . . . working on that.

ES: Okay. Oh, you're working on that. But America's going to need to know your sources. I mean, somebody . .--

further down.

JL: Isn't it fair, isn't it fair, though to at least, I'm not saying give me the benefit of the doubt at all. I'm just saying I'd like to hear from him first. I, you know, am not going to go out there simply because I act on behalf of an organization, my editor has spoken with all of the sources, and we're continuing to do that. And certainly, certainly if some bad information was given, you know, we'll decide what the appropriate thing to do is. But at this point, if something did happen four weeks ago and suddenly during the course of the past four weeks it changed in Karl Rove's favor, I don't know how that would . . . you know . . . how does that make me and my story particularly wrong. And what I'm saying is . . .

ES: Well, what I mean is you reported there was going to be an indictment. And . . .
JL: Right. I reported that .

This guy gets skinned, I mean really flayed alive. Raw Story seems to be truely up on this. Wether it's because they are just firmly commited to the truth, or if it's a matter of crushed expectations, displaced anger, since they can't have Rove's body..... Your guess is as good as mine.

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