Saturday, June 10, 2006


Well, at least he didn't cry.

Hugh Hewitt publicly spanks a Colorado Law Professor for the sin of both being a hypocrit, and an intolerant ass. Instapundit led me here and I have to say, it's a pretty sorry preformance by Campos.

HH: Very big implication there, as well as that I never disagree with the administration. I mean, that's kind of Ward Churchill-like to make up stuff like that, isn't it?

PC: Well, that's seems a bit hyperbolic.

HH: And so, I'm hyperbolic? Is that to be condemned in the context of your admission of hyperbole?

PC: Well, I was being sarcastic, obviously.

HH: So the left gets to use it, but the center-right doesn't?

PC: No, no I didn't say that. The center-right? Is that what you are, Hugh? On the center-right?

uh huh. So if you're left wing everything's sarcasm, and perfectly fine, but anyone else is guilty of hyperbole? Meaning of course license to just make stuff up, construct strawmen at leisure, but hey hey now..... you on the right had better dot every i and cross every T.

A lot gets said by both sides, and I freely insult those I don't like, but I expect the same in return. The thing about people like Campos is that he expects a double standard. Which is why he ends up looking as badly as he does at the end of this interview. I have to say though, after some of his qouted columns.... Hugh is awfully gentle with him, I mean...

HH: You think war crimes are happening there?

PC: Well, it's a guerilla war, so I think, as I say, I think it's inevitable.

HH: How many?

PC: I have no idea.

yeah,... thought not. You would think a law professor would have a greater appreciation for facts and truth over broad generalization and rethoric. But then, why not paint our guys as all potential if not in actual fact as war criminals when it suits his purpose. All's fair right?

how easy when you don't have to actually prove anything, just say it as if it was just a given. I suppose it is, if you're leftwing. Vets though have a different view, one not very flattering to Campos. Oppurtunistic asshole comes to mind.

but then I'm just one of those primitive unenlightened don't think it's over oil types.

blood is a much better reason.

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