Wednesday, June 14, 2006


uh huh, the dems would never, ever deal with corrupt businessmen.

At an appeals hearing in 2005, Soros told the court his insider trading conviction had been a "gift to my enemies" in the United States and elsewhere. "My reputation is at stake," he said.

Soros has often drawn criticism for speculating heavily on the collapse of fragile currencies. In 2004 he also angered many conservatives in the United States by pumping millions of dollars into election campaigns to try to unseat President George W. Bush

"Gift"? Well,... yeah, it is. But it's of Soros's own making, and if the history shown is true, this guy has played fast and loose with the law for some time. So, can any Democrat say,..."Enron", you can... how about "Soros is an insider trader"? What's that?... you're not choking on that are you?

actually, it's ironic that the billionare bagman for has been found out to be ethics impaired. Not surprising when he attempted with progressives help to try and buy an election, Al Gore, the best politician Soros could buy. Dirty money and Democrats....

like we haven't seen this adozen times before.

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