Wednesday, June 28, 2006


True confession?

Michael Moore,

GSFP and Code Pink are sponsoring a hunger strike for peace which begins July 04, called Troops Home Fast

Some of us like Dick

Gregory and Diane Wilson will be fasting until the troops come home from Iraq, and some, like me, will be fasting for a specified time. My fast will begin on 7/04 and end on the last day of Camp Casey: 09/02.

Somehow, I always thought he did, but his confession is rather nice.

Unfair? Really, after seeing how this shithead manipulated men and women, cut and pasted here and there, just made up some, and then put it all together as if it were fact....

fuck fair,

He's got it coming, and he's done exactly the same to others.

Good men and women are in the ground, they died for a thing that Mikey says we don't have. They are gone, and the freedom they died for is in peril if we ever start to believe a conman with a camera, and bucket of mud.

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