Sunday, June 18, 2006


This Is My Town

Mayor Bain, at a ground breaking ceremony for the new Cherry Valley school. My friends, feel free to say what you think, I'm not his defender, just my home town's. We are very small when you consider the sheer size of cities like New York, so small that normally we escape notice, I'm not upset by the posting at Mistress Sondrak's, far from it, I'm just surprised that we got noticed at all.

Clearly, we aren't a town with many tall buildings, what few there are are mostly churchs. When you walk in our town it seems like any number of others, but we have our own special history. Our own heroes, past

Clem stayed with the army through the war, served as a courier, and was wounded twice. Between Shiloh and Chickamauga he was regularly enrolled in the service and thereafter received his own pay. After the Civil War he tried to enter West Point but was turned down because of his slim education. A personal appeal to Pres. U.S. GRANT, his general at Shiloh, won him a 2nd lieutenant’s appointment in the Regular army 18 Dec. 1871, and in 1903 he became colonel and assistant quartermaster general. He retired from the army as a major general in 1916. The last veteran of the Civil War in the Army.

He died in San Antonio, Tex., 13 May 1937.

and present.

On June 9, U.S. Marine Lance Cpl. Devon Seymour of St. Louisville died when a roadside bomb. exploded in western Iraq. He was just 21.. He became the second Marine who grew up in Licking County to give his life

We're middle America, and maybe we're not so grand and modern as those on the coasts, but together, there are a lot more little towns like mine, the strength of numbers, the strength of a remembered past. So, we sound a bit goofy sometimes to others, but one thing is for certain,...

You can depend on us.

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