Sunday, June 04, 2006


Sean, you're boring me son.

After checking out this post at the good lady Sondrak's, I found this. I intended to fisk it, but good lord the sheer size and dullness of his tale is staggering. It's selfindulgent, badly written, and so full of slap the forehead moments that I bet he needed a skin graft. He can't help but blame all the current problems on us though.

British leaders got nowhere when they asked the Truman administration to use the U.S. government's more trusted position in Tehran to help overthrow Mussadiq. But as soon as President Eisenhower took office in early 1953, his foreign-policy team rolled up its spooky sleeves to get the job done. The regal Shah of Iran -- a faithful buddy of British oil executives -- was losing his power struggle with Mussadiq, and in August the Shah abruptly left the country and fled to Rome. The CIA, working as senior partner with Britain's MI6, quickly moved to subvert Iranian democracy.
CIA operative Kermit Roosevelt, a grandson of Theodore Roosevelt, labored feverishly in Tehran to coordinate a coup that brought down Mussadiq in August 1953 and quickly restored the Shah to the throne. Western oil companies were back in charge of Iran's oil, and the Shah initiated what turned out to be a quarter-century of political repression, torture, and killing.

It's all the evil republicans again. and of course FDR didn't put thugs in charge of Latin America, like Somosa, oh wait, that's right,

he did.

A lot of things are left out too, like the fact that our interest was in keeping the decidedly leftwing Mussadiq from handing the Soviets another client state. We won't mention that though will we Sean, it might muddy up the blood for oil bullshit you're so fond of. It's also clear that he thinks that all the repression, hate and murder the mullahs unleash, that's our fault too. It's our lust for oil that makes them hate Jews,.."oh wait, don't think it though, just believe me on that part."

This reprehensible act of the United States left a deep scar on the minds of Iranians, implanting most of them with abiding animosity toward America."

but in Sean's own words, earlier in the piece.

However, there are many smiles. There was laughter and very warm feelings in the eyes that fell on this American visitor.

They hate us, in his eyes with abundant justification, so much so that they greet American visiters warmly..

is it just me, or did he just shoot a hole in his own argument?

a deep thinker the surfer dude is not. In fact, I doubt he ever harboured an original thought at any point in his life.

You need hip waders to get through this abortion of an essay. He's long winded on minor points, and skips quickly in chopped sentences during points of some interest. He's a poor writer at best, and the me, me, it's all about me is as thick as tar.

I'd fisk it, but he does that himself.

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