Wednesday, June 21, 2006


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Are Jerome Armstrong and Markos Moulitsas (of the famous Daily Kos) engaged in a pay-for-play scheme in which politicians who hire Armstrong as a consultant get the support of Kos? That's the question that's been bouncing around the blogosphere ever since The New York Times's Chris Suellentrop broke the news last Friday about a 2000 run-in Armstrong had with the Securities and Exchange Commission over alleged stock touting. But Armstrong, Kos, and other big-time liberal bloggers have almost entirely ignored the issue, which is a bit surprising considering their tendency to rapidly respond to even the smallest criticism.

Why the strange silence in the face of such damning allegations? Well, I think we now know the answer. It's a deliberate strategy orchestrated by Kos. TNR obtained a missive Kos sent earlier this week to "Townhouse," a private email list comprising elite liberal bloggers, including Jane Hamsher, Matt Stoller, and Christy Hardin Smith. And what was Kos's message to this group that secretly plots strategy in the digital equivalent of a smoke-filled backroom? Stay mum! He wrote (emphasis added below):

Instapundit is right about this, it probably isn't illegal, and it won't be a big scandal. My take on it is because the MSM will see nothing wrong with it, which they would if the tables were turned. Largely what the Professor says too. But you have to admit, even if you are a leftwinger, it stinks to high Heavan. That KOS arranges his criticism by who pays him?

Can you say.... Sell Out.

I doubted you could.

But as for Markos

My request to you guys is that you ignore this for now. It would make my life easier if we can confine the story. Then, once Jerome can speak and defend himself, then I'll go on the offensive (which is when I would file any lawsuits) and anyone can pile on. If any of us blog on this right now, we fuel the story. Let's starve it of oxygen. And without the "he said, she said" element to the story, you know political journalists are paralyzed into inaction.

Thanks, markos

aren't you glad that the left doesn't spin? That they don't threaten, intimidate, or try to "manage" the press? Aren't you glad that they don't play shaddy politics?

aren't you glad you trusted him to "crash the gates"?

my, how sleazy he looks now.

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