Friday, June 02, 2006


price of war

There is no pride in this, no honor, certainly no pleasure, but innocent people die in wars. The only reason to pursue a war to it's conclusion is to stop an even greater loss of life from happening. Case in point, during the second world war,

Germany-2,350,000 civilian deaths
Russia-6,700,000 civilian deaths
Poland-5,300,000 civilian deaths

I list these three because the numbers are all above the million people killed mark. We can blame the Polish and Russian deaths on Hitler and Stalin, but our hands were involved in Germanies total. I point this out for a simple reason.

In the last war that was universally accepted as a just war, innocent people died, wether by accident, by intent, or any combination of events, they died none the less. No one, no one says that our troops were on a rampage, or that it was all on a quest by Roosevelt to enrich his fatcat friends, no one says that our men then were anything but liberaters. How many French died do you think during the house to house fighting in French cities? Do you think any died by American grenades and bullets? Of course it happened, and no serious student of history believes it didn't. So when something like this happens now, what are we to make of the screeching and protests of the collective left in the world?

The mere fact that we investigate at all speaks volumes about our integrity as a people, if it were all deliberate we wouldn't bother.

So then, my question is really pretty simple. What kind of father would accept armed insurgents into his families home? I'm not saying support them, but more clearly,

what kind of dad puts his children around a bullseye?

Then holds up the bodies for public display?

He put a battlefield in his own living room, and it's OUR fault that this was the result?

I have to wonder, if everytime a family died because a Hitler youth fired a rocket at an Allied armoured column from the family cottage, would these same protests be heard from the current groups? I doubt it, but then, they had Stalin to protect, now didn't they?

So then it's all politics after all isn't it?

Which brings to mind another question, if Iraq had been a threat to Cuba do ya think they would support the war then? The glorious workers paradise where everything is all sunshine and sweetness?

I think we already know the answer to that.

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