Sunday, June 25, 2006


?... OH, so the Russians can do it, just not us.

The DU is known for it's endless never ending wailing over every single life lost in the WOT as being the fault of BushCo and .... ya da ya da ya da. We're all nazi's and facists,.. When will the murder ever stop?

Qoutes on what the Russians should do after their people are murdered...

let's hope the russians release the hounds of hell
on these cowardly, sissified muslims. notice it's rare they use their suicide belts. they'd rather murder innocents.russians have a ruthless reputation (until afghanistan) i hope they get it back.

hate to admit, but nothing is stopping the bloodshed perpetrated by
the insurgents/muslims/ etc. can't go around beheading people without any repecussians. the russians have been know to be relentless. it might be a good idea.

A short thread so far, but my, how blood thirsty they are all of a sudden. No thoughts about "cowboy" or "roque" Russian leaders, no complaints about the babies being killed, nothing on the evils of war. Just vengence...

I guess hypocrisy is fine when you hate your own countrymen enough.

Nice DU, really nice.

such warmongers you are.

friggin traiters, they all should just move to the beloved Russia.

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