Monday, June 26, 2006


The NYT's, your life is unimportant to us.

What on earth would George Washington have made of Bill Keller, executive editor of the New York Times, and his comrades in today’s American media?

What would he have made of transparently politicized free-speech zealots who inform for the enemy and have the nerve to call it “patriotism.”

That about covers it. You, an American citizen, your life means nothing to the NYT's if they can get a story out of it. The lives of our soldiers means nothing to them, because the NYT's just told them how to move their money better unseen. Money to buy more IED's, but hey, Keller could give a shit about that. After all, he's got a juicy story, and no one, not the president, not congress, no one is more mighty than mr. keller, no no. After all, him is mr. big time superhero newspaper man. Him know better than stupid old you.

what are a few more coffins compared to Keller's right to help the enemy?

he'll just blame them on Bush anyway.

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