Sunday, June 11, 2006


Now, the rats turn on each other.

In the wake of the attack, says the Jordanian security official, members of al-Zarqawi's organization in Iraq launched a series of interrogations in search of those who sold out their leader, leading Jordanian officials to hope that the hit is already causing dissension in jihadist ranks. U.S. intelligence officials believe al-Qaeda in Iraq is likely to name a successor soon, and the Bush Administration was careful to point out that the insurgency will outlive al-Zarqawi. But no one who comes next will have his twisted star power, at least not for a while. "The violence is not only al-Qaeda," says the Jordanian security official. "But this weakens one important link. It's a warning to all these groups that they are not immune. If we can get Zarqawi, we can get you too." [The following descriptive text appears within A diagram] The Strike

If anyone thinks that al-Qaeda will be squeamish about due process and the rights of the accused, then they aren't very smart. This will be a purge akin to Hitler's or Stalin's. They will torture and kill a lot of their own people in this attempt to find the informants.

excellent, it spells the kind of internal rifts that will lead to the sorts of mistakes that will expose them even more to attack. As is pointed out, it doesn't end the war, but after the assasination attempt on Hitler he proceeded to kill his best officers without regard to the consequences. Zarq's bully boy's are less skilled, and if even a few of the smarter ones are killed this way, it greatly aids our efforts.

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