Monday, June 12, 2006


No, they can't.

Can liberal bloggers and Democrats get along?

The Democratic players back in Washington think these bloggers have way too much attitude; they recall what happened when one of their own, strategist Steve Elmendorf, told a reporter that Democratic candidates should not become "captive of the activist left." For that, Moulitsas called Elmendorf a "sleazebag," threatened to wreck his business, and triggered a flamewar against the guy. This is why, today, the D.C. insiders will only voice their concerns about the bloggers in exchange for anonymity.

KOS and his players are only for inquisitions, hammering down anyone that isn't playing from the far left socialist deck. The louder KOS screams he's in control, the better republicans look to voters. Because quite simply, KOS is an asshole, and his allies are the East German Secret Police. Dare not to think any thought not KOS approved, or they won't just yell, they'll try to destroy you personally.

And he thinks he's not an extremist?

The link is from Classical Values, who I came to via the Instapundit. The gentleman Eric is very good in his take on lefty bloggers, and he's right I think in that dissent is much more tolerated in the GOP, than the Democrat party.

Polman does not say why. Instead, he focuses on things like Moulitsas' baggy shorts ("he looks like the kid who might mow your lawn"), and the lefty blogger preference for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches over shrimps and martinis. I think such superficial matters conceal something more important, and that something is a genuine fear of what the lefty bloggers say.

They admit what Democrats are not allowed to admit. That they're socialists.

That they are staunchly antiwar, and in general oppose a strong national defense. That the United States is a big, bad imperialistic power. That big business is bad.

For the Democratic Party, such views are bad for business.

Yes it is. It makes getting republicans elected a lot easier when your opponent is supported by nutjobs in khaki shorts. I did like the tinfoil hat thing, I know they were attempting to mock the right's use of it as derogatory, but it still made them look like a pack of clowns.

bad PR idea, which we on the right greatly appreciated, thanks guys, way ta fumble....

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