Friday, June 02, 2006


My bullshit meter just pegged out

Little Green Footballs is always a good source on the doings of the lunatic fringe. This post shows that the September 11th conspiracy crazies are still crawling around bitching about a "media blackout". Apparently, the idea that _____

A. They're full of shit.
B. Making up their facts.
C. Creating a cover for other agendas.
D. Raving lunatics.
E. All of the above.

hasn't quite sunk in yet.

This ground has been covered over and over. None, repeat, none of their so called facts check out. There was no stand down, no advance knowledge, and no, there were no explosives planted in the towers.

I tire of retards, tire of lies, tire of them getting shown anything but the door.

Leave, go elsewhere, I'm sure you can find a nice little neo-nazi state to live in somewhere on the planet. Just fucking go.

We're in a war for survival with islamic fascists and suffering these idiots is no longer amusing. If they hate being ignored then they should just pack.

no one will miss them.


This link should be helpful to those who wonder about the "facts" qouted by afore mentioned shitheads.

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