Monday, June 19, 2006



The United States warned that a North Korean launch of a long-range missile would be a "provocative act" and began intensive diplomatic consultations on a response.
"There are reports they may be preparing for a long-range missile launch," said Defense Department spokesman Bryan Whitman.

"The United States government as a whole has been consulting with allies in the region and has made clear than a North Korean missile launch would be a provocative act," he said.
Whitman noted that the United States has limited missile defenses but would not say whether it intends to use them against a North Korean missile launch.

Could we shoot it down? Possibly, there are some assets we could use. That aren't mentioned, the Nike-Hercules system is old, but still based in Alaska. The Navy, and what ever black projects we may have that have aplications. I doubt that we will say that we intercepted it even if we try. First, the technology is still in infancy, and may not be ready to use. Then there's the what if we try and miss? Better to say nothing as the NK's wouldn't know if we tried unless we told them. A successful intercept, may also be kept secret, and chalked up to a missile failure. We don't reveal what we don't have to, it makes counter measures harder to manage. In short..

we may, or may not, but even a successful intercept wouldn't be released. Why tell the Nork's we can shoot them down? They would work harder on getting some through, and why give them that kind of heads up. Now, even if we do nothing, and it blows up, they will never know, if we did it or not.

sleep tight Kim,... mind the bogeyman.

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