Tuesday, June 20, 2006


A lasting tribute

They didn't make it. They were discovered a few hours ago, and the politics are flying hot and heavy, the left is attempting to make this tradgedy into another reason to just give up and run home. The deaths of these young men affect me, dredging up memories of that awful spring in 04. I'm so very sorry for the men, for their loved ones. I won't use this post as a chance to attack those who would deny the good that has been done. This small sffort is the only thing that I know how to do, not to hang on this moment, but to think of what the result of their labors can achieve.

In the words of the song, "I believe", I really do. The face of Iraq that we want to save isn't the swaddled face of it's tormenters, but the open face of it's children. Their's is the future we fight for, their's, and the faces of our own children. All the excuses and delusions in the world cannot account for what we hope to accomplish. To deny this future, is to say that those young men , all the young men, died for nothing. That's a robbery I won't allow, can never allow.

The monument to Thomas and Kristian isn't going to be a block of stone, it's in the living breathing lives of the children who will have a chance at a future now, because of men like them. That is their legacy. That is their promise.

I remember, and,

I believe.

Thanks Puggs. It does help.
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