Thursday, June 15, 2006


KOS for sale?

You know, I've no trouble at all believing this.

What - exactly - is the relationship between DailyKos and the candidates it supports? And when are they going to stop being coy about it?

Instapundit provided the link. It's enteresting though, I've come to the conclusion that there are basically four kinds of bloggers.

A. First rank types like Professor Reynolds, experts in their fields. Journalists, military experts, professionals in a multitude of fields.

B. Part time bloggers who have knowledge and expertise, but blog for fun, for relaxation, really smart people who have something important to say.

C. Hack bloggers, ones who push a fringe agenda regardless of it's merit. Conspiracy hacks, UFO true believers, Klan types, neo-nazis, all the certifiable crazies.

D. Everyday joe types, men and women who blog as a hobby over family, about friends, politics, movies, whatever enterests them.

Now these aren't absolutes, and there's bound to be some cross-overs. It's merely my own opinion so it's worth no more than that. I blogged for a time at a B level blog, but never had any special talents, we're still friends, and I still go back to check in every couple of days. Sondrak's place is one of those types that is impossible to to define, I love it, but wouldn't try and pigeon hole her. If I had to, I'd put her as a cross between A & B, highly entertaining, plus, they actually have some serious talents.

Me, I'm just a D. type. No special talents or aspirations. I don't break news, or entertain large groups of people, I blog for me, and it's as simple as that. I love to write, and am forever trying to hone my skills, minor as they are. But I make no claim to anyones time, or like KOS, their money. KOS may be the worst type, a combinaton of C and B, he get's the traffic, but is nothing more than a paid hack when he hold's his fire, for money. The studies about leftwing hate being at an all time high may have something to do with that. His readers are convinced that the middle and right that vote against them are evil, and not just wrong or unconvinced.

Which puts them in with the neo-nazi and conspiracy types.

Also, KOS's appitite for PUNISHING those that disagree within the party,... I mean really, it's like slashing your teachers tires over a bad grade. KOS will never rise above hack till he loses that schoolyard bully aspect of his site. I don't know anyone else who would take actual revenge against someone just for saying, "I disagree",... do you?

The figures that KOS cites, how many of them are from critics, who like me go there to laugh at them, and how many who actually agree? I'd bet his numbers would really fall if you could seperate the two.

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