Monday, June 12, 2006


KOS con, even betterer than Superzoo and Gradenmarket Expo... wuuu huuu.

The KOS convention, which they say is overwhelmingly successful with an attendence of 1000, seems to be almost as successful as the World Shoe Association at 35,000 attendees. But we won't quibble. Tim Blair provided the links. I never watched the KOSsaks much before now, but the hilarity factor alone seems to be worth a trip or two.

"What is amazing about us in the flesh is our diversity. "

Am I alone in noting that aside from the halls being nearly empty, that the faces in the KOS's own video are virtually all lily white? Did I miss something?, or did all the minorities step out for a sandwich when they shot the video? By diversity they must mean their wide ranging views which go from;

A. I hate George Bush and all republicans


B. I hate all republicans and George Bush.

Whhhoooooa... better hold down the lid guys, such wide ranging extremes might cause the building to collapse. Heh,... The thing is that's really funny, is that they believe they are an ASSet to the democrats,... "That we are IMPORTANT GOD DAMMIT, YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO US",...

well they got the ass part right.

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