Thursday, June 08, 2006


the inmates are restless

cut and run
we are just as bad
we are just as bad II
he never existed, so how could we kill him
a sane voice, soon to be removed I'm sure
driving out anyone who doesen't drink the koolaid
why didn't they like, you know shoot the gun out of his hand?
the moon landings were filmed in california, and little green men are reading your thoughts..
a recognition that they look like moonbats, and middle America doesn't like them much.

someone who I disagree with, but is entirely sane, and right about DU, and no I don't go to the Free Republic forums.

ok, they reverted back to loony toons again
and again
and again
and here they lower themselves to even lower depths than thought possible

no, they really are the enemy when they compare our service people to nazi's.

...followed orders at Belsen and Auschwitz, again at My Lai. The Men on the Ground dropped the bombs and fired the guns that killed 3,000+ innocent Panamanian citizens just so GHWB could bag Noriega. The Men on the Ground mined the harbors of Nicaragua. The Men on the Ground trained Battalion 3-16 to execute the most horrible acts of torture and terror in Honduras and elsewhere. The Men on the Ground oversaw the building of El Aguacate air base, the torture and detention center and staging area for the illegal Contras raiding Nicaragua, the Men on the Ground unleashed the dogs and fecal matter at Abu Graib, committed atrocities and war crimes at Falluja, murdered innocent men, women, and children at Haditha, the Men on the Ground conducted extraordinary rendition of human beings to black prisons where they could be tortured as a means to terrorize insurgent populations from which they were snatched. The Men on the Ground guard 14 year old "terrorists" at Guantanamo. There's so much these Men on the Ground won't do.

davekriss is lying rolling in garbage piece of shit. I'm a vet, and if he said any of that to my face, his ass would be,...


the worst of the DU'ers believe absolutely anything said about our own people without an once of critical thinking, sheep, leftwing braindead drones all humming the same mantra over and over. Idiots like this are why the left will never gain any real power. I don't mean democrats, I mean the down in the mud wildeyed shitheads like this. Any reasonable voice there is quickly driven out. I take huge comfort in the fact that the more rational among them realize just what they look like to the public at large.

fucking crazies.

and just plain stupid some of them.

you know, after drudging through this cesspool, I need a shower. The leftwing hate, the idiocy, the paranoia, the socialist crying, the tinfoil hats and the eternal whining. Fuck them all, the rest of America can sleep happy knowing these blowhards will never gain power. That would require they shut up, and think.

something they haven't done yet.

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