Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I'm glad they worry about their own people, aren't you?

Little Green Footballs

Associated Press photographer Wesam Saleh tags along and takes pictures as terrorists set up bombs.
And notice the children all around, providing: 1) human shields for the terrorists, and 2) propaganda fodder if the IDF strikes and accidentally kills them or if the bomb explodes prematurely.

From the picture, you can see just how carefull they are to avoid causalties amomgst their own. They mix with crowds and children, then scream and bitch when return fire hits them.....

I'm sorry when innocents die, from any side, the shame, utter shame of it, is that the Palestinians.... aren't. How can anyone legitimately say, that Israel is the bad guy, when we have so much proof of the way Pali's serve up their own as cannon fodder to provide footage for the evening news?

Some do, however. A sick, diseased few,

Sometimes I think you should have to judged mentally competent before being allowed to access the 'net. . . That last link left me feeling dirty.
Me too, but it's useful to see just what passes for dissenting opinion. The DU sheep sometimes qoute from CP like it was an unbiased source. Like the nazi propaganda ministry of old, cp just cranks it out.
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