Thursday, June 29, 2006


If you can't talk sense to them,

Try laughing at them instead.

What’s more, they probably assumed they were being watched. The spokesman referenced the Times story on classified satellites that could see through roofs at night from space, unless the roofs were covered with two layers of aluminum foil. “Thanks to that story,” the spokesman added, “the satellite has only been used one-tenth of the time, which adds considerably to its longevity.” He also referenced a story on Baghdad’s booming aluminum-installation trade as one of those “good news” stories bloggers are always demanding.

Aren't we all glad that the NYT's is so responsible?

Lileks take down brought to you by Instapundit. Obviously common sense doesn't reach them, so how about shame instead? They won't see this as a mistake, till they realize just how much they have alienated the American people. They still won't admit to being wrong, but they might hesitate to do it again.

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