Thursday, June 01, 2006


I wonder?

Democrats are big on passing laws over hate crimes, as if murder and assault weren't already serious enough a criminal act. Does this qualify as hate speech? Or is saying someone should be killed for his politics an ok method of displaying your opposition? Imagine the shock and horror, the calls for resignations if say,... oh Tony Snow had said something like this about a certifiable nutjob like Castro's best buddy Conyers?

The apology is all well and good, but decent democrats should ask themselves,

what kind of asylum are they running when a highly placed public official from their party can feel comfortable saying something like this when he's among friends?

The fact that it was off the cuff, an ad hoc remark is all the more damning. It offers a Fruedian glimpse into the emotions of a b level democrat. Kos tries to label us as haters, yet, here we see how they talk when they believe they have a friendly audience.

He who is without sin, cast the first stone?

I'd put that rock down if I were KOS, his brethren seem a bit mudstained for that kind of contest.

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