Sunday, June 11, 2006


I thought so.

Speaking to reporters, Bush mentioned that among the senior officers he called to offer congratulations for killing Zarqawi was Army Lt. Gen. Stanley McChrystal, commander of Joint Special Operations Command, whose forces include the Army's clandestine counterterrorism unit, Delta Force.

I saw all the reports everyone else did, and I suspected that more than likely, US spec ops had the building under observation before and during the raid. Allowing the Iraqi police to approach the scene first is to be expected, as Delta wouldn't have exposed themselves if they wanted the Iraqi's themselves to claim credit for finding him. Delta isn't seen, if they don't wish to be. It also raises the possiblity that Zarqawi may have been either outside or attempting to leave when the F-16's made their run. I don't know if the autopsy report will be made public, but it's possible they may find a bullet wound, if they look hard enough, and if they choose to let it be known.

A lot of good reasons to let the Iraqi's claim credit, chief among them, Delta is the terror they are to our enemies precisely because they remain invisible. Another, is that the Iraqi government badly needs the prestige in the arab world of being tough, and strong enough to kill it's enemies. The Iraqi's couldn't get rid of Saddam themselves, but with help, they can eliminate second level butchers. Something that gives them pride, and confidence to go after more of them. Very soon, they can do things like this without help.

and that is very good, for us. Free's up assets for other things..

like Iran.

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