Saturday, June 17, 2006


He just doesn't get it.

Mr. Rather expressed some disappointment with Leslie Moonves, the president and chief executive of CBS. In late 2004, Mr. Rather announced he would step down as anchor in March 2005. In the interim, Mr. Moonves told a gathering of television critics in California that he hoped to blow up the program's "voice of God, single anchor" format. (After exploring the notion of an ensemble, CBS announced this spring that it was hiring Katie Couric as the program's sole anchor.)

Asked in the interview about Mr. Moonves's remarks, Mr. Rather said, "My problem with the 'voice of God' thing was that it was meant disrespectfully."


What an arrogant bastard, he puts out a bogus report, defends it as the absolute truth, even after it's been disproved, and thinks he should be treated like a king of old??? Jesus Christ, he got caught conducting a personal smear, and doesn't understand why he's not respected at the top, why he's toxic waste now?

It was not possible yesterday to determine which other outlets may have had conversations with Mr. Rather about future work. Representatives from Fox News, CNN and NBC said their organizations had made no offers to him, and an ABC executive said he knew of no discussions with Mr. Rather.

His hero Ed Morrow was noted for bringing done Joe McCarthy for using forged evidence, and Dan doesn't see the total irony of this?




I kinda wish Dan had stayed on a while longer. I think he was about to get on a roll of self-destruction that would have discredited CBS even more.
You know, I think you're right. He's shown no sign that he's learned a thing from this. If he was left on, he'd just hire another butt kissing staff, and do it all again.

I'd bet that the CBS managment shared your view, which would explain the swift move to shuffel him out the door.
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