Sunday, June 11, 2006

Hamas militants called off a truce with Israel on Friday after a barrage of Israeli artillery shells tore into Palestinians at a beachside picnic in the Gaza Strip, killing seven civilians.
The declaration raised the prospect of a new wave of bloodshed. Hamas militants suspended a campaign of deadly suicide attacks on Israelis with a February 2005 cease-fire, and have largely stuck to the truce. The Islamic group now leads the Palestinian government.


Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas condemned the attack on the beach as a "genocidal crime." He called for international intervention and declared a three-day period of mourning. His rival, Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas, said the shelling was a "war crime" and urged an end to recent fighting between Hamas and Abbas' moderate Fatah movement.

884 people have been murdered and 5932 have been injured in Israel as a result of Palestinian violence and terror attacks between September 2000 and October 2003, according to the Israel Defense Forces. Below are the most significant of these attacks.

Oct. 4, 200329-year-old female suicide bomber from Jenin explodes in a Haifa restaurant, co-owned by Israeli Arabs, two days before Yom Kippur. 19 murdered, including several children. A newborn and 4 Israeli-Arabs were among those killed. 60 injured.

Sept. 9, 2003Twin homocide bomb attacks take place near the Zerifin Military Base and at a Jerusalem cafe. 15 murdered. Among the dead in the cafe attack were Dr. David Applebaum, head of the emergency room of a Jerusalem hospital, and his daughter Nava, a bride to be married the next day.

Aug. 19, 2003 - The attack takes place in the midst of a "cease-fire" declared by Palestinian terror groups and on the eve of a planned transfer of several West Bank cities to Palestinian Authority control.A Palestinian suicide bomber, dressed as an Orthodox Jew, strikes on a Jerusalem bus.23 murdered, including several children. More than 100 are injured.

I do not post this to say that the family killed by Israeli artillery was a good thing, far from it, it sickens me. But so does this,

Two weeks ago Hamas gunmen shot dead a youth whose family tried to stop them firing rockets from their backyard for fear of reprisals, but the blockade may yet rebound on Israel.

Basel al Masri, a farmer who lost an acre and a half of grape vines, said: "Everybody here agrees that the militants should not fire from a densely populated area. But after this massive destruction, the people of Beit Hanoun will tell them to come and fire rockets from the tops of our houses."

The last was from a story filed from the Independent, a British leftwing paper not know for it's love of Israel.

If I were Abbas, I wouldn't throw out words like "genocide" and "war crimes".... There is a very clear distinction here. Israel does kill civilians yes, but by accident or happen stance not as Hamas does, as an act of policy. It's an important difference when you consider, how many helicopter gunships does Israel base out of private driveways?

how many of their soldiers fire artillery from backyards?

how many people does Israel shoot dead for daring to ask them not to place mortar tubes in school grounds?



public beaches?

How many times has Israel bombed open markets in the West Bank?

blown up bues?


pizza shops?


The Israeli's may not be angels, but Hamas sure as God made little green apples serves Hell.. Abbas can't get hamas to even agree to allow Israel to exist, can't get them to accept that a peaceful cease fire means,..

you freakin stop shooting.

"have largely stuck to the truce"... what does that mean, that they only murder Jews on tuesdays and thursdays? The world lets them get away with this charade, time and time again. Butcher children and scream about your "rights"... About your "peaceful" part time truce that allows you to just kill when you can't stifle the urge? I love my country, am sworn to obey the Constitution. But what if? If we were under attack, and the Army set up a MLRS in my backyard to fire, then scurry away to leave me, my wife and kids to eat the counter battery fire.

I might well rethink my loyalties.

The whole of the Palestinian people are nothing but cannon fodder for Hamas. Just another tool in the jihad. Anybody that feeds Hamas should be beaten with a two by four. These guys are monsters of the first order, why are we even debating this?

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