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fisking the fiskable, or a barrel, some fish, and a tactical nuke.

Bridging the Gap
by The Why Not Guy
Sun Jun 11, 2006 at 12:27:51 AM PDT
I'm spoiled. Not in any financial sense, lord knows, but because I lead a relatively sheltered life in Buffalo, a purplish section of a solidly blue state. I work for a progressive health services agency, and my co-workers are overwhelmingly Democrat and Liberal. Oh sure, I have Republican co-workers too, but they're the Republicans you can engage in conversation without feeling the need to boil your clothing as soon as you get home. I learn a lot from them.

Oh sure, I have republican co-workers, kind of like,.. oh sure I work with black people, to insulate them from being called racist before they launch into a tirade filled with sterotypes and racial slurs. He knows GOOD, republicans, meaning the tame kind who being wildly outnumbered and worried about their jobs, who might not choose to fight back against his idiotic statements of broad strokes and generalizations.

Still, once in a while the real world forces its way into my little private HappyLand. (how that must suck for you, different thoughts... how terrible!) Back in the early 1990s, Operation Rescue came to town and transformed Buffalo - overnight - into the main battlefield in the abortion war. ( I'm no friend to operation rescue, and if he bothered to check, he'd find that most republicans aren't either. But it makes for a jucier story to just lump us all together, like democrat..commie, what's the difference?) It was a scary time. Tens of thousands of people from both side of the issue traveled to Buffalo, itching for a fight. Though tensions were high, violence never broke out. (shudder,.... please hold me, you know that they are all .. (whisper,).... violent don't you? They aren't in control, like WE ARE.

As high profile rallies and demonstrations attended by 10,000 people gradually gave way to a few dozen stragglers at clinic defense every Saturday morning, these "others" lost their power over me. (what? like you were held transfixed by our secret Jedi mind tricks before this moment? Or is it, that like your intimidated GOP coworkers, you didn't want to say anything when the crowd wasn't on your side? What a "Profile in Courage" you are WNG, stand up to the man when everybody leaves and it's just a few harmless stragglers left. Bet it took alot of guts to stand toe to toe with them women and children.)These weren't people to fear. They were pathetic, misguided, simple. Some were clearly developmentally disabled or mentally ill. They just thought they were doing the right thing. (So having a different view isn't wrong, it's a sickness then? Oh,.. it's just brain damage, and you can feel sorry for them instead of hating them. How compassionate of you Guy. A regular humanitarian, right up there with the doctors who put dissenters into the Gulag and mental hospitals in the USSR. They must be sick, having a different opinion is just not healthy, and we're only trying to help them.

We all got spoiled.(Buddy, the spoiling of you got started WWWWWAAAAAAAYYYYY before this moment in time. Mummy and daddy just protected you from all those evil thoughts till now.)

Ever since the initial shock of September 11, 2001 wore off, I'm seeing changes that I don't much like. (without a doubt.) The faces I see on television or on the internet aren't simply trying to do the right thing. They're hateful faces, the faces of people who would hurt me - in a second - if they thought they could get away with it. (do you get the feeling, he's not talking about al-Qeada? And not trying to do the right thing? OK then, we're back to being not retarded or ill, but EVIL, can't you see the malevelent intent in their eyes? EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL........ When you consider that after September 11th, the people that frighten this guy are conservatives, you have to ask. What the fuck is wrong with you? Those "hateful faces" you bemoan, how many buildings did they destroy? How many of them carry box knives just hoping to cut your throat? This WNG is a walking example of self delusion, he accuses us of evil intent, based on what? His soft and fussy feelings got hurt by all this hunt down the bad guys talk? And he thinks the Op Rescue people are retarded?

The problem with hatred is that it seems to shut down the rest of the brain. (Well that would explain alot of his irrational fear of the right now wouldn't it?) Critical thinking, logic, curiosity, it all goes out the window and all that's left is a burning hatred. (Two for two, he's on a roll now. Everything he's already admitted to, the immediate fear he feels of republicans when it wasn't the GOP that flew those planes into the WTC towers, now was it. It's clear as crystal that he's suffering from that very same malady, hate.)

This week I had a message board exchange with a woman who told me, flat out: You Liberals are the only ones making a big deal out of gay marriage. Conservatives don't want to make it an issue. (Orin Hatch and a few preachers do not amount to all conservatives, but don't let annoying things like facts bog you down WNG, after all you have your broad brush and tar all ready to use.) I replied, as civilly as possible, (ha,,, I bet.) citing examples of Conservatives who did indeed want to make gay marriage an issue. ( So Michael Moore says Bush plans to eat your children, and John Conyers backshim up, does that mean all liberals think we engage in canabolism? I can find two examples of leftys making all kinds of wacked out claims, do I then get the right to extrapolate that into all leftwingers are in that same nut house? no? ...why not then? oh right, it's do as I say, not as I do again.)Her reply? You're just another Bush-hater. ( I seriously doubt that it was her entire reply, but the nice thing about tales like this is the ability to edit your opponents comments for them. Especially when it just furthers your point, case closed, I'm done and you're guilty. Report to the re-education camps immediately.)

Now, this goes beyond simple disagreement. This isn't two people looking at an issue from two different perspectives debating their positions. This isn't even someone who watches Fox News and gets a distorted perspective. (As opposed to the real news you get from Buzzflash and the Smirking Chimp? FOX at least has the necessity of broadcasting actual facts, as horribly inconvient it is for you. But the sites leftys love so much don't have the same restrictions, so you can just hear what you want to. Republicans are evil, and dammit, why do they insist on denying it....)This is someone who can take in the same information as you and me and still come up with something completely off the scale of reality. (Like believeing that our elected officials aren't to blame for al-Qeada? Or that Islamicist thugs want to wreck and destroy what they can't control? Or that toppling arab tyrants is a good thing when it frees 26,000,000 people? Those kinds of things? The WNG is in torement that most of the country doesn't see an event, and immediately leap to the "It's that fucking Bush, it's ALL his doing!" party line?

Something like that?

So how do we talk to someone like this? (Well first off, try not exposing your own jump to being "completely off the scale of reality". Try not accusing us of being complicit in high crimes every time you open your mouth, that might help. It also won't happen, when you up front make it plain that the right is both evil and or crazy and mentaly retarded.) How do we engage in a conversation with somoene who thinks everything is going just great in Iraq or that Tom Delay is the victim of a Liberal witch hunt?(Again, while Iraq will is hardly a job completed, it's not either a quagmire or a lost cause. Why dickheads like you insist on hoping with clenched teeth that our attempt to give Iraq a functional democracy will fail, and all will perish in flames, it's making steady progress. Slowly but surely, we are building our way there. Tom Delay isn't a target for liberals? Since when? He can pay for his petty crimes, just like the dozen other house members, with a large share of... shhh..democrats can. He brought himself down, but to deny that liberals had nothing to do with it while dancing a snoopy happy dance over the coverage he's got from the MSM, is more than a little hypocritical. I do note that the Congressman caught on tape stuffing his pockets with money....

is a dimocrat. so smoke on that WNG, I plan on rubbing the nose of every lefty who screams corruption while averting their eyes to the party faithful. KOS thy name is hypocrit.

I don't know. And part of me doesn't want to know. (what a surprise, I'm underwhelmed at the shock of it.) I mean, logic won't work, or it already would have. (The first true thing he's said, logic has never worked on a KOSsak.) But I do think we need to find some way of communicating, because regardless of who or why or how they hate, they do, and that's not going to get better any time soon. (For starters, if you really want to talk, try not standing on a soap box and screaming at the top of your lungs that anyone who disagrees with you is crazy/racist/mentaly handicapped/corrupt/evil and just a "hater". His own screed is his own clue, but he lacks the insight to see it. Every charge of mean spirited hatefulness he makes can easily be turned and applied to his own words.

The right, and center, have no real reason to talk to the KOSsaks though, they're loosing. Their point of view however much they cry about it, is not widely accepted. Bus was re-elected, the Iraqi war was authorised by Congress, and they have not withdrawn that support. Asshats like Marcus say illegal, as if the charge were real, just because they say it is. If they want to win on occasion, they need to understand some basics. Americans don't like, or trust screaming fanatics, and that is how they come across. Bush won, because most Americans don't see him that way. Kos kids can cry about that all day, but saying we aren't swayed by their facts and logic should give them pause. They need to re-examine their logic and recheck their facts. They often site things that have been widely debunked as fresh and true, offer logic that isn't.

We disagree with their entire premise, and they take that as a sign we're irrational. We see it as a fanatics grasping at illusions that have been largely disproved, embracing an idiology that has failed in every respect save the left's unwillingness to see just how wrong they have been. KOS is whistling past the graveyard of liberalism, hoping that it will reanimate and shuffle back to Frankie's lab for a tune up. The war is real, our enemies are real, and KOS's insistence that it's all a sham created by Rove is what kills them, because they are the true crazies here, the real mentaly stunted. They believe everything terrible, and nothing good about the other 70% of America.

and can't see why we tune them out?

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