Tuesday, June 27, 2006


choosing between good sense, and childhood tantrum

What his opponents are counting on.

Along with the bloggers and local Democrats, Lieberman faces another dangerous opponent in Lamont. He's a wealthy upstart in a primary, which tend to draw low turnouts — and the people most motivated to vote may be those angry at Lieberman. To try to counter that and turn out more voters for himself, the moderate Dem is spending a lot of time courting labor unions. Still, "the only people who seem to know when the primary is are the Lamont people," says John Droney, a former state party chair and Lieberman ally.

It's pretty clear, differring opinions are so unwelcome in the democratic party among it's leftwingnuts, that they will crush you if they can. It's evident that this is a minority movement. They hope a depressed turn out, with only the most strident dems voting will allow them to rob the state of a moderate choice. Which is why Lieberman should run as an independent if they succeed. It's the only way to put a foot up the ass of the little commisar's in the democratic party.

The days when an opinion was a matter of personal choice in the democratic party are done. The little goose stepping KOS's are going to destroy you if they can for being off their perfect script. Obey, shut up, take your talking points from us and get in step. Has the democratic party, the party of "choice" now sunk so low, that having an independent mind is toxic? When making up your own mind is not allowed?

seems so.

This is why if Kos succeeds, he's doomed the democrats to wander in the wilderness for a generation. He will give the moderate half of the democrats right to McCain. MCCain already has broad appeal, becoming the party of persecuting heretics will just make it easier still for him to win. Be a democrat, they'll give you your opnion shortly, and be sure to act like you enjoy it,.....

they'll be watching you.

Don't have much use for McCain but, I can't argue with your analysis.
McCain isn't my choice either. I have problems with some of his stands. He does however have the name and the party machinery on his side. Unless a new name comes forward, I just don't see anyone else who could push him aside.

He has courage, he's smart. I just wish there were other choices. I'm open, any suggestions?
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